City of the Fallen Voice Acting Auditions

So, It has recently come to my attention that for my upcoming series, I have quite a few characters for my series without voice actors/actresses! I have a list here. If you would like to send me a try-out for any character, my email address is If you do decide to send an audition, please either link it from wherever you post it, or attach the file. Just tell me what character(s) you're trying out for.

I do have a list of characters so far. Some of them DO already have voice actors.
Name - Voice Actor - Personality
Rai - Ekorak - Cold and vengeful to people he doesn't know, warm and forgiving to those he does.
Cklyzk - Maeorneth - Completely insane, and also drop-dead brilliant
The Army - Hawkflight - It's an army. Nuff said.
Crylek - Wolfanon - Optimistic and happy, unless you anger him. Teamed with Trak as a weapon for his teammate, Crylek is a mage, who also has weapon DNA allowing him to transform into a crystal sword.
Codename: Termination - Hawkflight - Ooh mystery mates
Trak - ??? - A bounty hunter, however he prefers to know why his prey is supposed to be killed, and sometimes even befriends his prey and turns on his hirer. Is very merciful.
Natyra - ??? - An Explorer Class cyborg who was accidentally spashed with Rai's blood, which contained DNA that allows someone to resist reprogramming. Feeling somewhat in debt to Rai, she follows him around and helps him out on missions. To make up for her lack of built in weaponry she uses two mechanical longwhips with small electric prods on the end. If needed, she can turn into a scythe. She can be quite nice if you get to know her, but if you hurt her or anyone close to her she will hate you for all eternity.
Lunus - @Scarilian - Merciless and evil, Lunus pretty much just wants to watch the world burn.
Tres - ??? - An old Nature Draon with a stick. He likes to think he's wise, although his advise is usually rubbish. He's more comic relief than a series character in this because it's a pretty serious tone and I don't have many amusing characters.
The Tracker - ??? - A Domestic Class cyborg programmed to track Rai down no matter where. He has no emotion. He is a robot.
Pyra - ??? - Magma Draon mage. Coming from the same class as Crylek, she doesn't work for anyone and just wants to settle her score with him. She's also a bit on the short side, but if you tell her that you'll probably learn what molten rock tastes like.
Currently unnamed female Tech Draon - ??? - A person bodyguard for Clyzyk, known specifically for her long shoulder mounted mechanical whips with spiked armor plates on the end. Always unsure of why she is supposed to protect the mad scientist, she protects him regardless, probably due to her not knowing what else to do. Very shy and almost never knows how to deal with social interaction. Of course this all changes when it comes to the battle field and you have to deal with an enemy you can't reach.

I'm still working on getting more characters. I should have more by this time next week.

Well, if you do feel the desire/kindness to to voice, I thank you. I must note that if you do agree to voice act, I will need you to remain on the crew until your character is either killed off or removed.

Thank you for your time.


Hm... Seems like a huge commitment. I would, but school has gotten more in the way, so I can't.

I'll think about it.

It is a pretty big commitment. That's the reason I had to make a topic about it :/

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I second that.

Also, which remaining characters are male and female?

Only female character as of now is Natyra. I plan to add more, as the cast is not complete.

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@Ekorak I'd be interested in voicing. I just don't know who my voice would suit best.

If you're not sure, just send a few voices! Maybe a line or two each. If you aren't sure if you can stay long, I do have a few shorter term characters who I haven't put on the list yet.


I have my sights on Trak. Lunus is a possibility when he gets a real personality.

Lunus is basically going to be another bounty hunter. He's going to have no code despite being a samurai character. Instead of being an alien (to the planet this takes place on, of which the species are weird reptile people with a few "races") hunter with a merciful streak, he's going to be merciless, cold, and black hearted.

Yeah you might not want to voice him stuck_out_tongue

I think I'll do good playing Lunus now that I know what he's like. Right now I have my sights on either him or Trak.

Have a thing for mercenaries, do we? smiley

Well they're the only male characters still open for auditions.


Dang I'd better get more characters on that list!

Be right back mates.

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I'll try and do that in the next few days. How do you suggest I send them to you?

In the mean time, feel free to take a look at this to get a rough idea of how I sound (Note: my voice sounds a lot more congested here than it does IRL).

Hey! Unfortunately, since your series has not actually been created yet and you are outsourcing for extra help, this topic would technically be considered a "fan project". In which case this topic should be moved to the Promotions and Advertising category.

However, since you have not yet earned trust level 3, I'm going to have to close this topic for now, and once you do reach trust level 3, you are free to re-post it in the proper category.

For anyone interested in helping out, feel free to continue discussion in PM.


Trust level 3 has been acquired. Congrats!


Are any roles still open?

Yup. Any role you see that doesn't have a username after it is still open, and I'm about to add more!

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