Closed Poll: 2006 Vs. 2007

I was inspired by the 135th podcast.

  • 2006
  • 2007

Please give your reasoning for your vote.


I prefer 2007 because of the mahri and barraki, but that is just my personal prefrences

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For the builds? 2007.

For the story/style? 2006.


2007 sets had better builds and appearance. Also, in my opinion, the story was better, and the characters were better defined.

I preferred 07. Set-wise and story-wise. Did you know Pridak was the only BIONICLE canister set to have unique one-piece feet?

Technically, he was the only set at all to have unique one-piece feet, unless you count Gold Good Guy.


2007 was just cool.

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2067 ftw.

Seriously though, I liked 2007 a little better than 2006, mainly because it seemed a bit more innovative than 2006. Also I liked the story a bit better. Although, I would not give either of them up.

EDIT: Now, which one did Eljay hate?


Set-wise and story-wise I like both equally. Except I think 2007 is more equal than 2006 stuck_out_tongue Why?

I guess it's the same reason why people like Terminator 2 more than the first Terminator (though I haven't seen either). 2007 took the intensity from 2006 and built on it, adding even more tension to an already tense story. I thought it was great.


I prefer 07 because even though I loved 06 (Vezon, Zaktan, my favorite matoran becoming toa), 07 just beats it a little bit more because set wise, they were not clones of each other and the titans were great. Character wise the Barraki were very interesting villains, and it was cool seeing a darker side of the toa (Hahli the barbarian FTW). It was also an escalation from 06 which made everything more intense and every moment count, plus Matoro's sacrifice

something I will never forget and has stuck with me all my life.


I liked 2007 because it was cool. stuck_out_tongue

My thoughts in a nutshell.

Specifically, I think it was the best year for Titans. I mean, Nocturn, Gadunka, Maxilos + Spinax, and who couldn't forget the best


2006 was a good story year I guess.


2006 has my favorite Toa, 2007 has my favorite bad guys. Boom. Plus Matoro's sacrifice.

I like both years, but if I had to choose a favourite, it would be 2007.

Matoro's Sacrifice was one of the more memorable and powerful moments in the overall story (at least for me). I really like how it was portrayed in Downfall, describing in detail what he was thinking about and the thought process that went into saving the other Toa Mahri. I also liked how in the comic, it showed glimpses of his past forms as a Matoran (along with Matoro wearing the mask).

I also liked that 2007 was a year that had less clone-sets I really liked how the Barraki's designs varied based certain real life sea creatures; along with each of the Toa Mahri sporting a unique look, rather than all having the exact same build (to be fair, the minifigs were not that great IMO).

The titans were good. I really liked Hydraxon, with his load of weapons, as well as Maxilos (decent build and for story reasons). Although I thought that Gadunka was questionable IMO.


I like them both a lot. I don't really prefer one over the other.

I like 2006 mostly because that was the year that I was introduced to Bionicle.

The themes that they introduced that year was unique. Very gritty, dark, and rough feel that was unlike anything else we've seen in the line. Also, they pulled off that gangster look for the Piraka and Rock-band look for the Inika pretty well without going overboard. Story was also quite interesting.

2007 was okay. The Mahri didn't look as "clean" set-wise than the Inika. Their strange-looking suba-warrior aesthetics didn't quite look right for Toa-Heroes that always looked sleek, and tall coughKongucough. The Barraki were awesome though.

I prefer 2007, story and set wise. 2006 was still good, but 2007 was just better.

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I loved how dark and mysterious 06 was, but 07 had an AMAZING story and set designs! Hydraxon was the first Bionicle set to introduce the mainstreamed hands and Maxilos was one of the first with a waist swivel.

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Short answer: '06 was good, '07 was better.

Long-ish answer: I prefer '07 to '06 probably because it was the first bit of BIONICLE story I was exposed to, seeing as I got the comics in the LEGO magazine and all. I had to wait 5-6 years to access the rest of the story due to reasons that I don't feel like going into here.




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