Clothes and fashion

Don’t know why there isn’t a topic for this, but yeah. What are some clothing trends you love or hate? What do you like to wear?

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I wear whatever I’ve got, usually a tshirt and shorts, maybe a sweater/hoodie if it’s cold.

I don’t really like wearing name brands, though. Too expensive, and I don’t like the whole “If you wear this brand you’re cool” thing.


Yeah like I like name brands when I legitimately enjoy their merchandise, but I’ll usually only buy it on sale. I don’t like the idea of wearing a brand just for the name, but if there’s also a cool name on something that looks cool anyway and is on sale/affordable then cool


I’ve started wearing my cowboy hat more.


What a king

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I’ve been embracing the soft punk look these days, black jeans, brown jacket.
If I’m not wearing the jacket I’ll try to go for a red or purple ■■■■■, if I am wearing the jacket, I’ll probably go with a black ■■■■■.
not sure why ■■■■■ is redacted.

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I wear my school uniform the majority of the week and often can’t be bothered to take it off, otherwise I literally don’t care what I wear…ok maybe I do avoid brand labels.

It’s close to what shoot is a substitute for ig lol

I wear vans, but only because my preferred #notvans company stopped selling shoes in my size.
That’s pretty much it, though.
All my shirts are just whatever nerd stuff I can find at Kohls

it happens to be a lot of minecraft, though I’m hardly complaining

Vans are great. I kinda want one of their shirts, but I wait for sales with pricier brands. I got a $30 Hollister hoodie for 12

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ooh nice

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checkered or plain vans, khaki shorts, a tee-■■■■■, and a baseball cap is what I usually wear

Im getting invested in streetwear and archive pages, I really enjoy brands such as Stussy, Golfwang and some supreme.

I typically wear a plain tee with minimal design, baby blue jeans or dark brown pants, and my white Chuck 70s or white ultraboost.

I did get some Puma Rsx and Asics Retro Gel recently so im gonna try to mix up what I wear

Fleece jacket, plain T-■■■■■, jeans, knitted hat. My main fleece jacket is about the most expensive thing I wear, and I kind of want quality there because I want to keep warm.

With that being said, I’ve also gotten good jackets at thrift stores too. Jackets are kind of the item of clothing I focus on for looking well, and the rest I just don’t care about.


i so well understand you. there are just way too many “bodybuilders” who are wearing clothes that barely keep you warm or… cover your body. i don’t have anything against “clothes” that do not cover your body, but i wouldn’t wear them. plus, what’s the point of them? more to read:


I usually like to wear boots(even in summer),black jeans, a camo t-■■■■■ and my panama hat.

I wear a poncho to feel cool and mask my fragile masculinity


All year round I’m about the same:
– Jeans (or Jean shorts or cargo shorts)
– tee, most often with a graphic (at this point half my shirts are Lego related and the other half video games movies and sometimes music)
– sneakers and occasionally hiking boots
– baseball cap to trucker hat, most often a blue hat with a Divers dolphin logo on it.



If it’s cold you’ll see me in a leather jacket, and if it’s not cold then you won’t.


why is the word “shi rt” censored? (sorry for the awkward space, but it had to be done to spell the name of the piece of clothing)

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