ColdGoldLazarus' Overdesigned MoCs

Because she's cool. And Egypt is cool.
The main impetus for looking her up in the first place, though, was in response to @Political_Slime's legionare phase.


ahhhhh k


Those are some sweet Vahki legs.



That and they were believed to be actual gods, so yeah :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I know why... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


stop... now


Yeah, I'm with @Greencapps on this one; now you're just taking what I'm saying out of context.


Oh, hey, this thing still exists.
What. Do. You. Know.

So I've talked before about how much I love the Vahki head piece, and I showed you why with Meissa/Ski. Now, to show you the other nonstandard thing I've done with them...

Right, so this'll be a great MOC, right?

Coming off the heels of that last conversation on here, this may end up making things worse, but as this was part of the original agenda before the Breezies and Constraction guys derailed things, well, the show must go on. Everyone... I would like to welcome you to what is both one of my better MOCs, and one of my greatest failures as a human being.

Re-Vamprah: The Huntress Revamped
(Yeah yeah I know Vamprah's a male in canon, but to quote a great man... "It's more like a guideline, anyway.")

"What? Whaddid I do?"

Anyway, moving on. I like how the Vahki heads let her remain slender while giving her the imposing presence a Makuta naturally demands.

Obligitory back shot! I like how the ridge of Nokama Hordika's head resembles a spine as used here.

The arm/wing/thing, I think, turned out pretty well. Even if it meant I never had Chirox, this "Multiples of certain sets" thing was absurdly helpful here. Also, I think I'm one of the few people who actually liked the Hordika leg piece.
I originally intended to make the hook weapons look like a big thumb of sort, but now looking at it, I find I like it a lot less than I used to. I should have added a handle to make it still distinctly a weapon before taking these pictures.

Despite this MOC's other flaws, I think it's still ahead of most other stereotypical feminine MOCs in that it has actual hips. The black Mixel balls do have a purpose. Also, you would not want to be kneed by her.
The feet were designed to both utilize the Metru-Blue Mahritoran blade that consisted of her original set's lower legs, and to call to mind high-heels to go with the revamp's "femme fatale" theme. I think this worked out pretty well.

Side shot, since the front and back would have revealed nothing new. I'm rather proud of my unique use of the Vahki waist in her upper torso.

When I originally began building her, I was initially going to try to make something similar to the Tridax Pods, perhaps utilizing silver versions of Onua Mata's claws for the "ribcage."
Then I remembed that I completely hated the whole concept of the Tridax Pods, and gave up. The chestplate can't even open like this without removing the arm, as I had done here. This trans-orange is all that's leftover from that; I would swap it to trans-blue if I hadn't used them all up in her feet.

Here's a shot with Gavla. There's one other Karda Nui revamp coming down the line, though I hope to increase that number after some Ebay and Amazon purchases.

Fun With Posing
So I mentioned before that despite being one of my greatest shames, Vamprah here is also one of my better MOCs, enough to get on my top-seven* list. The reason for that is simple - posability. She may look ridiculously sexualized, but she still looks good otherwise, and she is lightweight enough that nearly any pose is within her capabilities. Here's a demonstration.

Strict, or slouching? ("Fiiiine, Teridax. You're not my real dad...")

"Aii vant to suck your protodermis!"
That's what the black Mixel balls were for. This one pose. Right here.

(In Caboose's voice) "I am sneaking, I am sneaking..."
That's another nice thing - with her head tilted back, the "horns" of the Avsa come together fairly well with the back of Nokama Horika's head. Put that together with the outstetched wings from the last picture, and flight mode is looking pretty great.

"I want YOU! To join the Brotherhood Of The Makuta."
Yeah, this is just me having fun now.

And we finish things off with a fairly close approximation of the Thinker pose, courtesy of some Protector boxes.
"How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"

Next Time: Fasten your seatbelts, everyone; the road ahead will be a bit more... rocky.

*Because five and ten are too mainstream.


oh my god, you just became even more awesome than you already were in my book

now more on topic, you may think this is one of your greatest shames, but I believe that it actually does not look overly feminine with the nuva boobs because they are not as, well put out there as others are. if I find anything off putting about this, it's the random trans orange in her chest, but for some reason it does not look that bad (unlike Skull Slicer)


Hmm... Nice, little MOC.

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nuva boobs?



don't worry, when I made Ivness she had huge nuva boobs, now she has hero factory shell boobs now

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Heh, thought that would amuse someone. :smile:

Huh, I see your point. I still question my own creative process with them, but thanks for the perspective.

Fair enough. I probably will replace it with silver or trans-blue at some point, provided I can find more unused Bohrok eyes in those colors.



Heh, okay.


Noooo! You destroyed the manliness of my favorite manly Makuta man! cry

Also, I...don't even know what your avatar is anymore.


Art from an artist of a humanized creeper girl for the minecraft mod Mob Talker, which using a tool humanizes the mobs of minecrafts into 'mob girl' versions whom you can romance

no I'm not making it up it exists

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Well, the romancing part was not strictly necessary, but that's basically what everyone else aside from me used it for. <_< I tried to spin an epic yarn about freeing the enderpeople from the tyranny of the enderdragon, among other things, but that didn't pan out, and some of the other members of that particular fledgling community made it rather difficult for me to want to stick around.
So I didn't.
So yeah, basically Mobtalker is a strong example of basement-dwelling patheticness that seems to actively resist all attempts to inject even the slightest degree of class into it. But the art was cool.


Hey, remember those Slizer revamps I was showing off?
Yeah, neither do I.

It's the future today!

Part 3A: Kaus

Relevant Music: 1

Story: Another survivor of the Sehran Cataclysm, Kaus is one of the most sociable of the group - he may not be your best friend, but he's always your second-best. He gets along with pretty much everyone; even Dubhe will give him the time of day. A tinkerer and scavenger, he enjoys searching the Polar City's more intact regions for salvagable parts and mechanisms that he can use, and his current project is to try to invent a force field generator of sorts, something still seemingly beyond the bounds of possibility.
His family originally came from the mountainous region of the southwest continent, not far from Menkar's hometown. He's got a pair of mechanized pickaxes that he uses to dig about in the city, though he someday hopes to put them to work in a proper mountain.

While I wouldn't say his build is bad, neither is it really that great; I won't do a full redo like with Menkar or Heze, but he could probably use some touching up.

Back and side views.

The arms are probably the worst parts of him IMO. My younger self wanted to make it look complex, but it just comes out awkwardly, with a ton of exposed axles and pins that would likely give Eljay a migrane. They give me a migrane.

The legs, by contrast, are probably my favorite parts of the MOC. Simple and elegant, they utilize the tan technic plates from a Life On Mars set (That's Life On Mars, folks, not its crappy successor Mars Mission) in a way similar to Omega Tahu's huge shin pads. I did this two and a half years before catching the faintest whiff of Omega Tahu. Also, Carapar feet.

I'm also fairly happy with the tail; it has a nice curve to it, it allows me to use pieces I thought would remain uselessly sitting in my lego drawer until the end of time, and it continues the mixture of smooth and somewhat greebly textures from the rest of the MOC.

Side view of the body to show off the build. It's honestly pretty simple, though I really don't like how his shoulders ended up. They look pretty awkward when he's standing like this, though they work better in...

Four-legged mode! Here we see the waist articulation come into play.

The legs transform Vahki-style to allow for this, and the big armour plate swivels upside down on a balljoint to keep things looking good.

His pickaxes also come into play here; while the original could barely swing past the shoulders, here he has a rather impressive reach. I may modify them to have adjustable lengths, but even just this I am absurdly happy with.

Speaking of the original, here's a comparison!

And the obligatory disk shot.


As mentioned before, Kaus is pretty much everyone's friend. However, he is particularly close friends with Antares, the two having bonded over their shared technological interests, and they frequently work together on various inventions and whatnot.

He has a massive amount of respect for Meissa, and she is rather fond of him as well.

No group shot today, for completely arbitrary reasons.
@Creep I hope you liked this guy!

Next Time: One of the things I loved about Slizers was the presence of nonstandard elements, and nonstandard colors...


never forget tan and teal

I think this guy looks nice overall, his upper legs are a little bare, but it looks fine to me