Combiner: Nynrah Maintenance Mech

Requested by @Sammythekat. Makuta + Vorahk.

This was really fun to do. If you have a request, check the topic above.

@Sammythekat, since you requested this; what do you want to name it?

And, of course, let me know what you think.



that’s a toughie.

@Gilahu, got any ideas?

I have an idea. Have you heard of the youtuber known as Turaga Makuta?

Hmm… somehow I feel like you didn’t tap the full potential of the parts with this combiner. However it is true that there’s just so much you can do with the parts from most canister sets. Still I think Teridax’s parts might have allowed something more.

It’s ok overall, I guess.


What about … Nynrah Maintenance Mech? It has something very robotic to it.

ok then.

make it happen, @Xing1870

It’s awkward in places, but it’s a combiner, so what else would you expect?

Im confused as to what im looking at… its nice but strange