Combiner Royale

So as a new project, I’m taking all of the combiners from [this project] (Xing1870's Combiners, Requests Open), and making them fight.

Many will perish, but only one will win.

All of the fights are already set up, and you guys will vote on who would win.

Each post of mine will finish the last battle and start the new one. Each time I’ll update the brackets.

Here are the brackets for season 1

Note: Each font is a different character.

#Battle 1

##Lil B the BasedMOC vs. Global Warming
Requested by @Irrie and @moa respectively.

Who is this little pest?


Heh, fool. You challenge me?


#Who will win?

  • Lil B the BasedMOC
  • Global Warming

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XD it’s 50/50 right now, well nice concept idea

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where’s Mr Frosty and his Amazing Kanoka Disc?

Like I said, the brackets are for season 1. There are 40 combiners in all, so I split them into 4 groups of 10.

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i didn’t see that.


Arrogance will topple giants. I’m bettin on lil B :moneybag:

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Nothing can stop Global Warming. It is the greatest threat of our time.

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Ah, interesting way to make use of the combiners.

Where’s my boy Murray

The votes are 50/50 again. Go Global Warming!



Get down from there, you insect!

>Disc launching sequence engaged

Pthh… Was that it?"

This is how you throw a disc!

>Assessing damage

>Error: major damage to flight system

Heh, heh, heh.

>Critical error

Ha, ha, ha. I’ll squash you like a bug!


>Disc launching sequence engaged

Ack, Cough, Sputter.


>Target eliminated

#Winner: Lil B the BasedMOC

Lil B walks away, taking the discs as a reward.

The remains of a combiner now lost.

#Battle 2
##Leaf, Toa of Air vs. Light Attacking Drone
Requested by @Bioknight and @Omega_Tahu respectively.

Are you that drone?

I am indeed the one you seek.

I was sent here to kill you, so uhh…

If it’s a fight you want, then it’s a fight you’ll get!

  • Leaf, Toa of Air
  • Light Attacking Drone

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Wait…so first lil B flies up to the sky then launches a purple disk (apparently very poorly) at Global Warming, who catches the disk in his mouth.

Warming then throws his own disk at B, which breaks off his wing. Warming for some reason stares at B’s purple disk, laughing while he falls to the ground…

Warming then intends to finish B by killing him with his own purple disk. But B reacts quickly and throws a disk before he does, killing Warming. Was that how it went down? It’s kinda hard for me to tell whats going on with just still images without action lines :stuck_out_tongue:


pretty much :relieved:

Would adding more text that implies whats going on, help in the future?

Yeah, but don’t overdo it. Show don’t tell :slight_smile:

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@Joe 's cousin FTW

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Yes! We may finally declare victory on Global Warming!