Combiner: The Barbarian and the Scribe

Requested by @MaskmakerOfLight. Umarak the Hunter + General Grievous.

Usually I leave the story behind the combiners open, since they’re requests. This combiner, however, created it’s own story as I built.

##The Barbarian

The barbarian is ready for war, for whatever reason. She’s not the brightest, but she is the burliest.

##The Scribe

The Scribe was hired by the barbarian to go with her into battle and record her tales of glory.

Most of the time, though he’s just used to carry her equipment

All of their equipment: a sword, a golden mask, a tablet, two chisels, and a trap.

##Off to Battle!

Umm, ma’am you forgot your mask!

This was really fun to do. If you have a request, check the topic above.

@MaskmakerOfLight, since you requested this; what do you want to name them?

And, of course, let me know what you think.


The bulky look isn’t really helped by how lanky the arms are of the barbarian.

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I was expecting a titan since you used Grevious, IMO i prefer the scribes look over the barbarian


Thanks for making these! They look pretty neat, especially for their concept. I like how the colors work here, and how you were able to make two fairly solid models out of these two. My favorite part would be the trap on the scribe’s back.

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Ok i want to make something simmilar Bassically a charactor and their robot slave

Spaghetti arms representing…


This doesn’t have a name yet, so I’m making it fair game. Any suggestions?

Anyone got a name?

How about The Barbarrian and The Scribe

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Oh, yea…

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How bout Zaharra the Barbarian and Rala the Scribe?