Common/Uncommon MOCing Pieces

When you see a MOC, do you ever think to your self "Man that piece is so annoying" or, "I wish I saw more of X piece"?

Then post it here!

Personally, I think Rakshi heads are overused, and Power Miners crystals should be used more.


Sometiems, I wish Mata builds were used more.

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Avohkii masks are overused, and Nuva masks are underused.


I don't really see the Toa Metru's masks used all that often.


there is is that really light gray that is never used (because its rare)

also the 2006 toa mask's are never used (cause they suck)

and bohrok heads

even the the krana and bohrok shields are overused the bohrok head is very rarely seen on a moc

This will trigger some-


No one uses Bohrok windshields.

My brother loves to take big, blocky pieces to make awesome stuff with it.

Like Mata Torsos for making a vehicle, bohrok torso pieces for titans, etc.


I like the 2006 Toa masks I thought they had a lot more detail than previous years although I do agree with the back of the head being open was abit

You don't see many launchers in mocs or even modified launchers they add function to mocs and u never see them

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People don't use the fur shell addon much, the ones from the Chima figs. I think it's a pretty nifty piece, but it's mostly for animal/beast type MoCs.

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I think Rahkshi heads and Metru leg armor are overused.

I think Throwbot heads and beams need to be used more, as well as Technic panels.

Basically bring back some of the old stuff. Could you imagine how well Technic panels would work with CCBS shells?


Slizer heads and original Bohrok shields are underused.

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my self mocs sword, you can find it somewhere, but even I don't know

Throwbot arms aren't used enough, nor are the hockey figure pieces. Also, I'm surprised that most of these parts aren't used as much:

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Most of those pins and axles are used, as are some of the Technic pieces.

I've used the Mata limbs and the Throwbot heads/hip joints/beams in my MOCs.

Also, how would anyone use the Throwbot canisters in a MOC?

Just give your MOC a belt.

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Share any pieces that you consider very useful for MOCs, but other people may not even be aware that they exist.

I’m sure people are aware they exist, but the small slick tires, are great for beefing up CCBS bones so they don’t look so spindly.


Anyone has seen those pieces before?

They are pretty useful as shoulder pads, but I don’t recall a lot of people using them.

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