COMMUNITY POLL: Favorite (and least favorite) Gen1 Bionicle years Story-wise?

Well, that's really it. I'm wondering what you guys loved (or maybe didn't love) about some of the Gen1 Bionicle years! I know a lot of people talk about favorite years for SETS, but i think it will be interesting to hear the other side of the spectrum for what made Bionicle great.

I'll start- 2004. The original Metru Nui story was pretty cool- the way there was a massive city, the seeds of evil (literally and later metaphorically) that spread through the great city, the rich history of Toa (and Villain) teams, etc. It was an interesting place with intriguing story elements.

Least favorite...? 2009-2010..... duh. It felt WAY too rushed as an ending to an epic saga.

So how about you guys? I'd love to hear!

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For my favorite, I'd have to say 2007 or 2008 (more so '07 than '08 but...).

For my least favorite, I'd have to say...Well, in truth, I don't really have one. But, if you pointed a Zamor-Launcher at my head, I'd guess...probably 2011 (or whenever it was still active, but began to die out). Primarily because of the unfinished Serials.


Favorite: 2006

Least Favorite: 2009 or 2010


My favorite years would have to be 2002, 2003, and 2008. I didn't really like 2009 or 2010 much. What usually turned me away from certain years was the lack of proper transitions in the story via the comics. I couldn't obtain the books, and I had no internet access for most of Bionicle's run, so I relied on the comics to tell the story.


Favorite years: 2001 - 2004 and 2008. I like pretty much all of the story, but if I said that, the Zamor Sphere launcher that you were pointing at Marendex_T17 might miss him and hit me.

Least favorite: 2009 - 2010. The sets had cool parts and all, but the story was terrible. Just watch the movie and read the story after it. "Let's all be friends, fight a giant robot, and make him get hit by a moon." It could have been better, especially since it was the end of G1.


I think 2007 was the best, because It had the interesting and unique builds for all of the sets.

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Favorite: 04 had the best story overall. The narrative felt solid, had mystery to it, and greatly expanded the world. The runner up would be 2006.

Worst: 2005. The story was completely unnecessary. We did not have to go back to Metru Nui. It did not need to be overrun by giant spiders that came out of nowhere. Vakama did not need to turn evil! It did not make any sense to me except to dark just for the sake of being dark.

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My favorite has to be 2007, my second 2009
(Plz don't h8 me)

My least favorite is 2005, for the exact reasons @Sharnak said.

I actually liked 2005. Matau should have been the one to turn evil, but I actually liked the rest. Keetongu is one of my favorite sets, and the Rhotuka where pretty cool. I think I have jjust given you all enough grounds to hate me, so I'll leave it at that.

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But most of your reasons are the sets, not the story. stuck_out_tongue

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My favorite is a tie between the 2007 Mahri and the 2008 Phantoka/Mistika. I didn't know much about the stories, but what I did know was awesome. And from the commercials...

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I always avoid this question when asked stuck_out_tongue

The thing is, I look at the Bionicle story and all ten years and I think of it like a single book. Some chapters may be more agreeable to me than others, but I like them all. I am what one might call a true fan of Bionicle. I look at the story as a whole (2001-2010) and find nothing truly wrong with it. Yes, there were flaws and things that could have been done differently, but overall, to this day I could never make a top-ten list.


You say there are flaws yet you call yourself a "true fan of BIONICLE."


You have me between the horns frowning


Favorite: 2001. Funny enough, considering I wasn't a BIONICLE fan 'til 2002.

Least favorite: 2007. It was a boring year.

Favorite: 2004 for reasons I listed in another topic
Least Favorite: 2010

Favorite: 2007. I thought the underwater theme was really cool, and all the sets were great.
Least favorite: 2010. The story was boring and rushed, and the sets were TERRIBLE. Why did we have to go back to have non-articulated elbows and knees?


2007 was my absolute favorite, despite having been around since 2001. I loved the underwater theme, and the story felt dark and mature without being needlessly edgy. The Barraki were great villains made greater by their collective backstory, and the struggles of the Toa Mahri were treated with a proper sense of gravity without being overwrought. Plus, Hahli the Barbarian.

2005 is my runner-up year; I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I really did like Vakama's character development. Could it have been handled better? Definitely. But it could have been a lot worse, too, and it all payed off brilliantly in Time Trap. Plus, Roodaka introduced us to the Vortixx race, and the Visorak were pretty cool, too.

2008 is my third favorite. It took me a long time to warm up to a lot of the revelations recieved there, such as the Toa Mata's history, the Makuta as a race, and the GSR itself, but now that I have, I can honestly say that it was a truly spectacular year and a properly climactic ending to the first overall story arc of the franchise.

As far as least favorite years go, these three are simply the ones I love slightly less than the others; they still had plenty of strong points in their favor.

2006: I know a lot of people love this year, but it personally feels to me like the very antithesis of everything that made 2007 brilliant. The villains were the worst sort of blend of overly-grimdark (slavery, man!) and cartoonish, what with their blatant evilness and constantly backstabbing one another. The designs were all ugly (save for Brutaka) and the story just constantly insisted on being dark for the sake of being dark, without any real depth or purpose. Still, I liked Matoro's development, and Zaktan on his own was a good antagonist.

2009: The concepts were great. In the comics, the Skrall were badasses and Tuma actually had some small bit of depth to him. However, the execution was largely lacking, and nowhere more so than in The Legend Reborn, which sadly stands as the main representative piece of media for the year. I wished the Agori could have been a bit more alien in terms of their culture and values, and Mata-Nui seemed somewhat bland (though having Worf's voice helped abate that somewhat) given he'd been forced into a mortal form and exiled from his old body, not to mention that the billions of beings he was responsible for facing all sorts of horrors at Teridax's hands. Not even a little bit of emotion?
On the other hand, I liked the desert theme, and again, the comics' depiction of the Skrall was a lot more favorable than they're usually remembered for.

2010: Stars were underwhelming, golden armour came out of nowhere, the climactic battle felt as rushed as it actually was, and without further story to lead up to it, felt rather abrupt as well. Also, mooning Teridax still makes me go "wat."


My favourite year was 2007 simply because I finally truly got into the story. I did a little bit in 2006, but 2007 finally had me doing tons of research. Being underwater was new and interesting, and I loved all the new characters introduced.

And Matoro's suicide rocked my world.

2002 is a close second because the Bohrok felt like such a mysterious but formidable foe, and the matoran felt like they were actually doing something in the big picture.

Least favourite is 2009-2010, like most. It had me drifting away from Bionicle because of how different it felt. I jumped right back in as soon as I realized how cool the Skrall came out but was disapointed with the rushed ending of 2010.


Story wise... 2008? I liked what was going on behind the scenes with the toa going on fetch quests. 2009 is a close runner up. I really like the change of pace and the concept of glatorian. Least favorite is probably 2010. I really like it because that is when I got into bionicle. Whenever somebody mentions their nostalgia for bionicle, I think of 2010. However, looking back it was rushed and poorly executed.

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