COMMUNITY POLL: Favorite Bionicle group or organization in the storyline?

This topic is to list out your favorite character group from the Bionicle universe, whether it be a Toa team, The brotherhood of Makuta, The Dark Hunters, or otherwise. I'm curious! Leave opinions below, and thanks!


I'd say my favorite is The Dark Hunters. The Shadowed One is awesome.

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Same as Chronicler, though I didn't really like The Shadowed One.

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Makuta. I love the main bad guy villains of any series, they're always so clever and 1-step ahead of everyone else. It's always such a shame when they get defeated, I mean, they worked so hard.

That's what a good story should make you do, it should make you like the protagonist, but root for the antagonist.


I've always liked the Makuta. So powerful and cunning; what's not to like? They are also probably my favorite villain group of any theme/story.

However, my favorite group of Bionicle must be The Order of Mata Nui. Their members are all very diverse and interesting. They are far more secretive than the others in the 'big three' (Makuta, Dark Hunters, OoMN).

I mean, pretty much everyone had heard of the Makuta, a lot of beings feared the Dark Hunters, but only a select few outside of the actual order knew about the Order of Mata Nui.


I've got to go mainstream(or not?) and say Toa.
The evil organizations in Bionicle never appealed to me and I know too little about the OoMN to have an opinion on it.
So yeah:
Toa all the way


Gonna pitch in on my own post here: Mine would be the Barraki. I've always found their backstory intriguing, with how mysterious parts of it can be.

The Chronicler's Company! stuck_out_tongue

For real though, my favorite has probably been the Toa Mata/Nuva. One thing I enjoyed reading about them was how they matured as a team and learned to work together. But yeah, I'm sure the other answers will be cooler than mine stuck_out_tongue


Wait... Your joking on this? The Chroniclers Company is awesome!


They are, but they're not my first choice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like the Toa Metru quite a bit. The Dark Hunters are pretty cool.

BTW, there wasn't any formal alliance of Toa in G1, was there? (the"Toa Guild" or something).

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Nope, just single teams.

That's a real shame. I love the concept.

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Well, there was Lhikan's Toa Army during the War with the Dark Hunters on Metru Nui.

Yeah, that's true. Though I'm pretty sure there have been hints at an organisation at some points. I can't quite remember which though.


Toa Army represennnnt


I have to say either the Federation of Fear team or the Gukko Force.


I really like the Hand Of Artahka

The makuta. Brilliant masterminds who have 42 different powers? I'm down.

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Such a modest history, but yeah.

The best part is he actually WON at some point, and didn't just go "Ohh, you Toa got ADAPTIVE ARMOR upgrades? Screw this, I'm turning myself in to a laser prison that's all controlled by one module!"