COMMUNITY POLL: Least favorite 2015 set?

Well… the name says it all… wondering what set you guys like least. I know there’s a topic for FAVORITES, but i think it would be interesting to hear the inverse of that as well as your reasons for why.

I’ll start- mine goes to LOSS. His function is borderline pointless and he’s way too gappy for my liking… but that’s just me :wink:



Same here, I was really disappointed with LOSS…


My least favorite set, is Kopaka.


  • Skis are knockoff Tahu blades
  • Mask is missing the 01’ eyebrow
  • Bulky in strange places
  • Silver chestpiece

Second place is Ice protector.


  • Short limbs are annoying
  • Silver in strange places
  • The way he holds his shield is annoying

Third place goes to Fire protector.


  • His weapons are held so weird
  • His bulky chest is annoying to me
  • His limbs are too short for my liking

(…Psst…LOSS is my favorite :}…)


My least favourite so far is Lewa… His dual function isn’t that interesting, as you all know his head movement is awful and he just looks a bit dull.

Also, his gold mask doesn’t look good on him at all. It’s too close to the keetorange and just creates a horrendous clash of colours.


LOSS is not bad, but it could have been better.
A bunch of people modded LOSS’s legs, so you can actually pose them.
Sadly I don’t have any HF sets, so I can’t do the same.
If I had some HF bones, it would probably change my mind.


I can see why people don’t like his look, but he is sure fun to play with!



Lord of Skull Spiders

  • No posing options besides spike things
  • function doesnt really work that well
  • Not an actual spider

Protector of Fire

  • No wrist joints
  • Too Bulky
  • Weapon is kinda meh

Now the small nitpicks:
Lewa (no head movement), Pohatu (lack of armor and double gear function), Gali (no larger back piece and no double gear function), Tahu (no lower leg armor and silver hands and feet), Kopaka (too much bulk, same shield as Tahu, stickers, underwhelming spear), Onua (no additional 2 purple joint pieces, stickers for the chest)

Very large area of nitpickyness:
Expensive sets are expensive.

Infinity nitpickyness:
Why did they give Tahu three 2.0 chest pieces, could have used one Breakout chest piece for his body instead and 2 of the ordinary ones makes him look a lot better and also doesnt use the same piece with Lewa which would make him a bit more different.


All of them. I did not like the new BIONICLE.
Saying that should be considered a crime.

In all seriousness: Protector of Water. It’s just… boring. all it has is a blaster.


I don’t have a least favorite. IMO, they’ve all got flaws, but they’re all still very cool. None of them are “sets I wouldn’t get,” because they all just look so good together.

Also, the parts for MOCing… That’s probably worth it on its own.

But, I suppose that if I really had to pick, it would either be Onua or PoW. Onua’s very, very bulky (but building him was great fun) and PoW is the least interesting of the protectors.


The protector of Water. Just a bland set, in a line of awesome ones.

Second, the Protector of Jungle. Also bland, with a weird color scheme, but the bow saves face.

Least favorite of the Toa is Pohatu, he also comes off as blander than his compatriots. (Or just that he’s the least useful parts pack.)


I have the parts, but I’m something of an originalist is my problem :smile: I can’t stand to have a piece on a set that isn’t part of the actual set haha.

Like @BioRaiders532 said,

(I do have a favorite though, but that’s another topic.)
But, if you held a stud-six-shooter to my head and demanded an answer, I would have to say the Protector of Ice.

Ok, guess I’ll elaborate. The PoF gets all the hate for having short arms, while the PoI escapes with only minor injuries, when he has the same problem, but without the custom build (which, IMO, easily overpowers [easily rectified] stubby arms every time).


I’m with ya man! The Protector of Water was very underwhelming, and in all, the most disappointing for me.


My least favourite is Lewa. The placement of the gear box making the head hard to move.

I kept knocking off his mask when I tried to move his head; being able to get his head to look down under his armor also seems really weird.


The way I see it, Tahu’s blades are knockoff Kopaka skis :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm… I only have five toa, but out of them my least favorite is Pohatu.


I hate Tahu.


This was a hard one before I remembered the Protectors count.
I hate the Fire Protector. He doesn’t have any elbows, for seemingly no reason, his shoulder blaster seems out of place, and his flame blades, I just can’t understand what they even are.

As you probably all know by now, my least favorite set is the Protector of Fire.

He’s such a bada** in the animations, and he’s sorta the ‘flagship’ Protector, but he just sucks. The annoying shoulders, stumpy arms, stupid weapons… I could continue.

Only counting the ones I’ve actually played with.

Lewa. My favourite Toa are always the Air/Jungle ones and it was a shame to see Lewa’s set so disappointing. His head can’t turn, the yellow armour doesn’t look great and out of all the masks only his bothers me with how different it is compared to the G1 version. Hopefully the next green Toa will be better than this.