Community Project - Spear of Fusion: Bionicle and Ninjago

What happens when you use the Spear of Fusion on two of Lego’s most successful themes? Well, that’s for you to decide!

The goal of this community project is to create a Bionicle version for each of the main Ninjago heroes and villains (and a few of the side characters).


  • All entries most be constraction based
  • Purism will not be required
  • MOCs are allowed
  • 3D printed parts are allowed
  • Bootleg pieces are allowed
  • You may only enter one hero and up to two villains, though I may be willing to make exceptions
  • You may create a new topic for you entry (or entries), but you must include a link in this topic
  • All entries must be new; old builds will not be allowed (revamps of old builds will be accepted, though)
  • And, most importantly, have fun!

NOTE: If you break the last rule, I will ask @Ghid to steal your kneecaps, thumbs, and at least 3 of your ribs.

If you have any questions, I am not obligated to answer them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I suppose I should mention that this community project takes inspiration from the first round of the Bio-Cup.

Feel free to reserve up to three of the following (you may also suggest extra characters, if you think I missed anyone important):


  • Kai
  • Jay
  • Cole
  • Zane
  • Lloyd
  • Nya
  • Sensei Wu
  • Ronin
  • Dareth


NOTE: The villains will be listed by their season, since there are so many more interesting characters than just the main antagonist of the season.

  • Pilot Season (reserved by @GoodGuy2006)
  • Rise of the Snakes
  • Legacy of the Green Ninja
  • Rebooted
  • Tournament of Elements (reserved by @TheCobaltCorsair)
  • Possession
  • Skybound
  • Day of the Departed
  • Hands of Time
  • Sons of Garmadon
  • Hunted
  • March of the Oni
  • Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu (Fire Chapter)
  • Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu (Ice Chapter)
  • Prime Empire
  • Master of the Mountain
  • The Island
  • Seabound

Happy building!


Oh NO.

In all honesty, it will be interesting to see what people come up with. I am not entering at the moment.

long time since i’ve watched ninjago, but sign me up.
i remember some cool skeletons, so i’ll probably do something in relation to those…

This doesn’t strike me as a community project as much as it does as a contest.

A community project has goals, to achieve an end result. The wording of this topic suggests this has entries, like to a contest.


Yeah you might want to fix that…

Linking someone else that has the same problem does not solve this problem. It just means I have more people to talk to about fixing problems.

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oh so you just missed that one

that didn’t go as well as i hoped

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I’d argue that Cordax’s community project does have and end goal though: to create 100 new HF characters to expand the HF world.

@cobaltbryant you have this thingy set to tracking quick make a goal
idk like we need to do all the main ninja and villans or something i don’t care

This certainly wasn’t intended as a contest. I’ll rework the wording to indicate a clear goal. In fact, @GoodGuy2006 just gave me the perfect idea…

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i call dibs on the skelebois

All right, the description has been edited. I hope that this is now acceptable as a community project.

I assume you mean the Skulkins from the pilot episodes?


that’s it

maybe you should only be allowed one hero and two villains
y’know, because we don’t want one person making three of the main heroes


@Cordax can you get some of your friends in on this?

Uhhhhh like how?

Also I’m away from my parts currently, but when I get back, I’ll probably sign up.