ANNOUNCEMENT: Community project: We Build Heroes.

Today I am starting what I want to be a big community project to flesh out the world of hero factory! What you will do is create a hero factory hero. It doesn’t have to be a specific size, complexity, or system. It just has to be a humanoid with a hero core. If we get enough people to sign up, we can make a bunch of heroes to spread out the hero factory world!


Every 5 heroes entered will be part of a team. I will start with alpha 2, then 3, 4, and 5, and then I will move on to beta 2, 3, 4, and 5. Then I will go onto gamma, delta, and epsilon.


  1. You can enter a maximum of 3 heroes per person.
  2. To enter a moc, just post it here.
  3. You can create a moc topic to enter, but also post it here
  4. Your moc must have a hero core
  5. You must give the moc’s name
  6. You must give the hero a personality
  7. mocs are allowed.
  8. I will close this topic once I get 100 entries. Once the first 100 entries are in, no one is getting back in.
  9. your moc has to be new. No old mocs.
  10. you need to enter your moc before you are put on the list.
  11. It MUST be a new hero character. No entering a furno revamp.
  12. Maximum of 4 Bootleg/3D printed parts
  13. Illegal techniques are fine.
  14. Have fun! This isn’t a contest, just a fun collab for everyone, no matter the skill level.

I forgot to say, this is inspired by this topic.

If you have any questions, ask them here!


  1. @T4k4nuv4
  2. @StudentScissors
  3. @TheCobaltCorsair
  4. @T4k4nuv4
  5. @Eilrach
  6. @T4k4nuv4
  7. @Khalsa721
  8. @CalamitousT
  9. @GoodGuy2006
  10. @Traykar











Can I just enter in Jake rattlesnake from the black destiny roleplay?

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No, it has to be a new moc.

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Okay, just curious

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Yea I’d be down. I have an HF SM I’ve been wanting to build for a while now.

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Ok, I edited the rules, so you need to enter the moc before I put you in, because last time I did one of these, someone didn’t enter and I don’t want that to happen.

Can we also makes revamps of existing heroes, or must it be a completely new hero character?

It can be a revamp of an OC hero, but not a furno revamp or something like that.

Sounds good to me. Then people can just enter on their own time.

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What does that stand for?

@LegoDavid Original character.

I’ve wanted to make some Hero Factory MOCs for quite a while now, this might be the perfect opportunity.

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So, I have had a concept for a hero character that basically has adaptive armor like the toa nuva, so his appearance wouldn’t be static. Would that be an acceptable character? And if so, what should I post as his picture?

that would be fine, as long as you show two images. One without the armor, and one with it.

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You know what? I think I’ll actually join.

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Ok, but you need to post the picture of the moc before, just so that all entrants actually have the mocs done.

Yeah, I know. I’ll start building as soon a possible.

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Eyyy, I’ve been working on a certain someone for a while now, so I’ll definitely drop it here

I’ll finish it, eventually…

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I love making random heroes so I’d definitely be down for this.


are mocs made in Ldd/ Lego digital designer allowed