Completed Toa Hagah

I finally got the custom masks and shields to finish up my toa Hagah display. I have no idea how to paint so I decided to keep everything in the original mocs colors which still look amazing. One day I’ll get blue pieces for Kualus

Now I’m onto the next project.


very cool!

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I felt dragged through the Hagah contest grumbling and scoffing.


seeing them all built together, I feel like I can finally appreciate what a dedicated fan community came together to create. Thank you


Love seeing all of them in one place! They look awesome!

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All of them together look quite good. Very nice job being able to complete them

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Wow I’m glad I could help give you a positive outlook on them

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That reminds me, how does Kualus’s chest plate attach? I haven’t been able to figure that one out.

You gotta use all the right pieces from the original moc and it should slide into the hole of the metru chest and be held at the bottom by the combination of the slizer foot and the axel with the stud

I need the link to the original topic, as he’s the only one that I can’t find the topic for. Thanks for the explanation, though!

Here you go:

Looks great! It really does feel like having a new wave of Bionicle canister sets


firstly - welcome to the boards!
secondly - true dat - i think the only other contest that could have had this feel would have been the YQ toa


Welcome, @StronkleBonkle ! I am glad to have you join us on the TTV message boards!

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I wouldve loved to see the yesterday quest toa but I think the mangai (nidhiki and tuyet) would’ve been canister like too

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@DuneToa Thanks for the warm welcome!