Conduit: Race Against Time(RP Topic)

Fred tried belting a more meteor projectiles at the queen, but he already knew his efforts were futile.


The unmistakable sound of a handgun firing rang throughout the catacombs, as two bullets flew towards the Queen’s head from the side.

They would both be stopped midair, Jeffrey coming free in the process and stumbling to the side.

The queen hit the stopped bullets with a blast of force, then released them, sending them flying roughly towards where they were fired from.

Kimi heard the gunfire and sped up. The sword from earlier broke out of the crystal, and he rushes into the room.

A figure darted behind a stone wall for cover, just as their fired bullets were returned and struck the wall.

While the queen is seemingly distracted, Alex dives for her feet. She reaches out to grab the closest boot, her garnet bracelet glowing with scarlet light and hopefully sticking the boot to the ground.

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Zablex tries to petrify the queen’s brain stem to paralyze her.

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OOC: Not sure if brain functions apply to undead

Jessica looks stunned, as she stands there dumbfounded at the undead queen before her.
“This can’t be real!”

She is stuck to the ground, and tries(and fails) to free her foot. She aims her spear at Alex, visibly slower than before, and readies to stab her.

…when out on nowhere, a clear crystalline construct shoots out of the dark hallway nearby and blocks the spear strike.

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Zablex tries to gauge if his petrification attempt worked.

Alex pushes herself away from her enemy’s feet, even as a blast of rainbow light lances out from behind the crystalline construct. Alex pushes herself to her feet, dusting herself off slightly.

“Look who decided to show up!” she calls. “Didn’t want us to have all the fun?”

“If this is what you call fun? Sure.” Eliza responds, firing another blast at the queen.

Fred looked in the direction of the crystal spike, temporarily distracted.

Out of the darkness of the corridor came Kimi, wielding the blade he found earlier, coming in swinging at the undead queen.

Zablex might infer that her obviously slowed movement might have come from his petrification.

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Zablex smiles as he steps forward, speaking in broken Kunini(?) “Great queen, what do you protect?” He asked her, keeping his focus on the petrification, hoping to maybe make it more potent to slow her down.

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Fred stood nearby on the sidelines, prepared to defend himself or his friends if need be.

The queen did not respond, and instead turned to point her spear at him.

Jeff, frozen in fright until now, suddenly realized something. “The robbers!” He called, chasing down the way they went.

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Fred did a double take, snapping around as he bounded along the ground in Jeff’s direction to pursue the grave robbers, a small vortex of meteorites swirling around at his ankles as he did so.

“Where’s he going?” Alex asks. Eliza just shrugs, dashing after him. Alex mirrors the shrug to the queen.

“Well, if you’ll just stay put we’ll be right back, I’d assume.” She winks, then runs after the others.

“I have no qualm with you, I ask only that we parlay before things get any worse.” Zablex said in semi-fluent and broken Kunini.

“Hey, stop speaking in tongues to the scary person that tried to attack us,” Alex calls over her shoulder. “I’m sure you can trade numbers later, or something.”

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She doesn’t respond, blocking the strike from Kimi and pushing him away, shooting a blast of force at Zablex.

Jeffrey runs the direction the robbers went, trying his best to gain on them.