Conduit: Race Against Time(Signup and Discussion)

Almost two years ago, a strange phenomenon occurred. All around the world, Conduits, the last vestige of a long forgotten, long dead empire, were activated, bringing their strange magical powers back into the world. In order to find more, and keep them out of the hands of those less purehearted than themselves, they headed towards the source of them: Eastern Estonia. In their travels, they found many people displaced in time, original inhabitants of the ancient civilization of Helmitki Kunin. After stopping an evil plan involving an unstable artifact, the explorers went their separate ways, and the ancient people who were still left disappeared, blending into the world.

Now, after that strange event all that time ago, something else seems to have arisen. Under the ancient city of Saint Petersburg, sat at what would have been the heart of the Kunini Empire, a set of strange catacombs and ruins were found, and this fact spread like wildfire. Hence, why you are here, in the Russian city. You, along with the Conduit you carry, are one of many who came here to inspect the ruins for yourself, and see what they may hold. Who knows, this could be a single expedition, or the start of something you never could have imagined…

Place of Origin: [smaller province of country(like a state), country]
Conduit Type: (Or other type of magical artifact, please specify. However, I would prefer that most of the artifacts are Conduits, at least at the beginning.)
Gemstone: (you get to choose the gem, each holding a power of its own. Any that appeared in the first are the same now, but other than that, you won’t know what power each gemstone has. You’ll just have to hope you get the power you want, I guess.)
Misc: (interesting quirks, other information you might find necessary, but isn’t included in any other area)

General Boards RP rules apply. To make a long story short, just don’t be a jerk, and be a team player. Don’t let ego and powergaming get in the way of everybody having a bit of fun.

Other than that, I look forwards to seeing who you guys might bring to the table, be them new characters or returning, from new or returning players! Have fun!

Accepted Characters

Finally! It’s Fred’s time to shine!

Name: Fred
Gender: Male
Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes
Place of origin: Chicago (formerly, is currently “studying abroad”)
Conduit type: An amulet with a horizontally angled metal ring at the stone, as a sort of “planet ring”.
Gemstone: Meteorite.
Personality/bio: Fred is an astronomer, and has been interested in the stars for most of his life. What was once a hobby has now evolved into a career and a skill. He is a bit of a bookworm, well-studied, and so sometimes he may come off as a bit arrogant although he really just has the best interests of his friends at heart. Fred can use his knowledge of star formations and constellations to predict the weather, date and climate, find his way back when he is lost, and make astrological predictions.

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So, what are the rules for signing up a character from Race for Power? I’m thinking about bringing Zablex to this one.

What exactly are conduits and gemstones?

Basically, Conduits are magic pieces of jewelry (usually necklaces, amulets, rings and the like) their power is dependent on which gemstone is used in its construction. The catch is that a person can only use a maximum of two Conduit powers at the same time.

@Runa’s the one to ask what all the known Conduit Powers are as of Race for Power’s ending last year.

The rules are…make you you think they’d be after two years. Likely, they’d have the same gemstone, and if you want they can have up to one more. Other than that, no real limits.

Conduits are the magical items, usually a piece of jewelry, in which a gemstone is set. If a gemstone is set inside of a Conduit, that Conduit can access the powers within the gemstone you picked to be in that conduit.

For example,

Conduit: Ring
Gemstone: Jade.

The jade is the rock inside the ring, and the ring is the item that lets you use the magic in the jade(and the powers of each gemstone you choose will be revealed to you after your character is already accepted.)


Name: Elizabeth Brooks
Gender: Female
Appearance: About average height with a slim build, pale skin, and dark eyes, with straight brown hair that is cut just a bit above her shoulders.
Place of Origin: Wisconsin
Conduit type: A necklace with a pendant and a small, plain ring.
Gemstone: Opal for the pendant and peridot for the ring
Personality/Bio: Out of high school Eliza spent a few years working as a barista, unsure of what she wanted from life. Then her pendant started glowing, leading to her joining a group of others in Estonia, where she accidentally aided a dangerous fugitive and slapped a few people in the face. Since then, she’s settled back into her status quo for the most part, continuing to make coffee and make friends. The past couple years have been quiet for her, with finding the peridot and garnet conduits and meeting Alex being the highlights. Now that the catacombs have been found under Saint Petersburg, she finds herself being sucked into things yet again…

Name: Alexis Jin
Gender: Female
Appearance: Short and wiry, with short, messy black hair and round eyes. Tends to wear simple, boy-ish clothing.
Place of Origin: Arizona
Conduit Type: Bracelet
Gemstone: Garnet
Personality/Bio: Alex grew up a rebellious child caught under the thumb of controlling parents. She jumped at the chance to go to college somewhere far away from home, where her parents could no longer tell her what to do. There she met Elizabeth, with the two becoming fast friends.


Name: Jessica Deitz
Gender: Female
Appearance: Brown hair usually kept in a ponytail, green eyes, with an athletic build, and pale skin.
Place of Origin: Victoria, Canada
Conduit Type: A black right-handed glove covered in silver filigree with the gem set on the back of the hand.
Gemstone: Amethyst
Personality/Bio: Jessica is an aspiring archeologist studying in Toronto, who is hoping to write a paper on Kunini architecture once she gets back from Russia. Her glove was left to her by her grandfather when he died, and she’s kept it with her since. Jessica is adventurous, head-strong and doesn’t always know when to quit.
Misc: She mains Trolldier in TF2


All accepted.

My turn!

Name: Jeffrey McKenyan
Gender: Male
Appearance: Slim, average height, brown hair and eyes, with glasses. Wears a black hat and jeans, with a light grey t-■■■■■ and a dark grey zip-up hoodie. Ring on right forefinger
Place of Origin: Northwestern PA, USA
Conduit Type: Ring, Pendant
Gemstone: Jade, Amethyst
Personality/Bio: Prone to outbursts of excitement, but otherwise quite quiet. Knowledgeable, yet somewhat naive.
Misc: Activated the conduits. Very perceptive. He’s a little bit of a musical nerd. Takes martial arts classes. Anthropologist, focusing mostly on Helmitki Kunin.

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@Runa, I’m gonna want to talk with you about what Zablex’s second Conduit should be as I have a few ideas but nothing concrete yet.

Name: Zablex

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: Six feet and 7 inches tall, slender, dark hazel eyes, fiery red hair with gold highlights. Wears dark colors a lot, usually a black t ■■■■■, dark grey zipup hoodie, combat boots and dark jeans, he wears an obsidian Mjolnir pendant that he keeps with him at all times. Wears a pair of bracelets with plain gold ankhs, one on each arm. On his left hand, he has a Medusa ring he says is “a warning to those who think about messing with him”. Tends to wear long sleeved shirts as his arms are scarred from something that happened two years ago. He has also taken to wearing studded, black leather fingerless gloves as his usual ensemble.

Place of Origin: Lives in New York City.

Conduit Types: Pendant, TBD

Gemstone: Obsidian, TBD

Personality/Bio: An aspiring musician and martial artist, now in the interest of collecting Estonian jewelry who seems pleasant at first but has a temper and is often rather serious in a fight. Two years ago, he learned about the mysteries of the Conduits and suffers some nightmares from seeing the effects of a very dangerous Conduit two years ago. Nowadays, he still studies Kunini and Conduit lore, practices music (singing and instruments) but he now has added Kunini jewelry collecting to his list of hobbies. Has a temper and there is rumor he has dabbled in some kind of magic. In a fight, he tends to use weapons with parts that seem to be made from some sort of black glass. Knowledgeable about music and ancient Kunini history (the part involving the Conduits).

Misc. Stuff: Has a second Conduit hidden away but only he knows where and what it is (It’s going to be an Opal Conduit). By this point, he has been in college for a while and is in Russia to study abroad the Kunini legends.

Here is Zablex’s original Signup for Conduit: Race for Power.



Though I will say,

Estonians are not Kunini, and vice versa. Estonia may be one of the main areas the Kunini empire was in, but they’re actually a bit more similar to the Finns. Not to the point that they wouldn’t have been considered a distinct people, but similar enough to where an easy connection could be drawn.


Noted. The signup sheet has been accordingly edited.

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That makes five.

When do you guys want to start?

And to those of you who still want to join, even once we actually start,you’re always welcome to!


Any time is good for me


I’ll be a bit busy over the next few days, but should be open later in the evenings if you wanted to start soon.


I won’t be able to get on until Monday


So it sounds like we’ll be starting tomorrow!
Also, I’ll be adding in another character soon, so stay tuned.



Name: Kimi Heikkinen
Gender: Male
Appearance: He wears a black long sleeve under a dark grey zip up hoodie, and always wears black gloves, along with a pair of light grey pants. He has relatively short brown hair and brownish eyes, along with pale skin. Wears a ring above his glove on his left pointer finger.
Place of Origin: Somewhere in Eastern Finland
Conduit Type: Bracelet, Ring
Gemstone: Optical Calcite, Peridot
Personality/Bio: Kimi lived in Finland for quite a while, however he has been in Petersburg for a few months now, “looking for something” as he says.
Misc: Very quiet, with good eyesight.