Contest Prize Poll

Out of curiosity, I have a question for you guys:

Would the satisfaction of winning be enough to motivate you to enter a contest, or would you need a prize to drive you to enter? In other words, would you ever enter in a contest with no real prize other than winning?

  1. Yes
  2. No


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Honor and glory are enough for me.


I don't want to go through the trouble of shipping and handling or whatever, so just having the honor of winning would be a worthy prize.

If I don't win anything I don't wanna participate in a contest.

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I'd be fine either way, but I'd prefer winning a something-or-other.

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I want a payment for work that I would do for money. Commendation is enough for me to sign up for a contest.

If I got any info on what the contest is about, it would be easier

Yeah, the satisfaction of beating other people is all I want.
Unless there is a prize, then I want the prize.

This is just a hypothetical question about contests in general.

Well in that case it depends on what the contest is about, but probably the answer would be yes

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It really depends. It also depends on if I think I could reasonably win.

I need a reason to enter a contest usually. Personally I'd rather something to work for instead of just the satisfaction of winning. A prize would also encourage me to do my best.

You win honor for the Cronk family clan.

Assuming the contest was something I'm interested in and felt like I could do without basically putting forth every ounce of time into it, yeah, I think I'd enter without a prize.

If a contest was something that I felt like it'd take all my free time to do, I probably wouldn't do it without some form of reward, but frankly I feel as though few contests here are actually like that so it's not entirely a necessary comparison.

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i mean, bragging rights would be a decent reward.

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It would depend on the prize was worth the effort I put into competing. The feeling of winning can still usually be enough motivation, so I say yes.

Nah that ain't important.

you heard it here, folks:

Chronk's honor doesn't mean squat.


It depends...
If the contest is fun enough, I'll join it for fun
If the prize is something either extremely valuable, then maybe

Yeah like I probably wouldn't join a "make a fully sized prop replica of X item in X time" because that sounds more anxiety inducing. The contest definitely does matter, though I still feel I'd generally join without needing a prize.

I dont’ see what the point of a contest if there’s no prize.

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