Controversies and possibly conspiracy theories

If the topic exists, I am concerned for the long run.

Hello everyone, my name is DG_Eddie, and I’d like to share some controvesies and conspiracy theories. I have recently re-listening most of the TTV Podcasts, and one in partiular caught my ear. TTV #144 - Pepped with Dr. Pepsi, where Meso says that “People on the inretnet are speculating that Ekimu will get a Toa set in 2016…” Now, if you look at the leaks (which, I have to mention, great job, guys, I really approve that this hasn’t been an issue), you can see that Ekimu does, in fact, get an upgraded version, and we can say that it is a “toa” set… The weird part is that @Mesonak has told the future almost three quarters of a year. So, my conspiracy theory is, and you can shoot me down, but I think that Meso is an undercover Lego agent, and his money goes to Lego to keep his identity as a secret, not revealing that he is in fact a double agent, for Lego and for the TTV Podcast, that’s why he can easily search for leaks, he just opens his email account and there are the blurred, confidential pictures, and he says, “Hey, guys, I found another batch of the leaks!”

That was just my thought rambling on, feel free to share your theories regarding the TTV Podcast.
Have a really good day,


I’m sure he wishes he was! :laughing:


That would explain his insane knowledge and fascination with Bionicle/HF prototypes (rivaling even mine) and how he knew about and had the Breakout prototypes which were not available anywhere else of the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

He probably has thousands of other saved images on his computer, but when I inquired about them, he never responded (probably to avoid raising suspicion)!

He also inexplicably knew about the backstory of this incredibly vague commercial

I could never find the conversation on BZP …

He probably uses the Majhost takedown as an alibi


Don’t forget the dataclysm.

Also, maybe Meso was responsible for these things, to cover his tracks…

Either that or he’s just Meso.


Oh dang. This is very convenient for something I planned on writing.

Regardless I really like this theory.


HA! I’ve been faster than somebody for once in my entire 20 years of my existence.



Hasn’t Meso also been wrong about other stuff regarding Bioincle’s future. I guess the classic response to that is he was saying those things to throw everyone off.

Conspiracies theories don’t agree with me.


Not always, no.

That statement agrees with what I just said.


I love this topic, lol

Sorry for the debunk, but I’m not an undercover Lego agent, I swear! ;-; I’m just a regular ol’ dude.

I was always fascinated by trivia facts and interesting bits of information, so I decided early on that I was going to focus in on that for the duration of my time as a BIONICLE fan. Years later, I’m happy that I did that. I find prototypes and stuff like that absolutely fascinating.

What did you ask, out of curiosity? I swear I didn’t ignore you on purpose D:

Also yes I do in-fact have hundreds of prototype images saved on my comp. It’s all backup just in case Brickshelf or any other image hosting website goes down. The loss of Majhost traumatized me because I had a lot of treasured stuff over there, ranging from Lego pictures to fun memories with the TTV guys. So I refuse to let that happen again.



Says the man who exists solely on the internet.:stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe I know, I was just making a joke :smile: this entire topic is an obvious joke

I was asking whether or not you’d consider posting

either here or on your brickshelf pls so that others can see

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That’s what they ALL say.

Meso, do we HAVE to re-instate Witch Hunts again?


No but seriously I can’t take this theory seriously


I totally read that as “throne of flies.” I’m so professional… /s


That is exactly what an undercover Lego agent would say!
It is also exactly what a regular old dude would say…


all the pieces, they’re coming together before my eyes! Meso isn’t just a Lego agent, He is Lego.

sorry not sorry


How much do you want for them
I can pay in US dollars or widgets


This is almost as fishy as a fisherman’s boat who had great luck. This is not even funny, Meso :stuck_out_tongue:

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New Theory

Eljay had Waj close the topic to hide his mistake from the world!