Cordax’s Cool Contest


I’m a master now, so I’m running a contest! I know what you’re thinking, “but Cordax, you need a reward to run a contest! And I have just that. A ten dollar Amazon gift card! It could be yours if you win the contest.

Aight, now time to tell the theme of the contest, the qualifications, and the rules.

The theme of the Contest is:

Bionicle Characters and Stories!

This means that you will need to create a bionicle moc, and then write a short story to go along with it! It is encouraged to make the story fit in with the BIONICLE universe, but it isn’t required.

@N01InParticular, @Winger and I will be judging the contest


  1. You must have a moc and a story to enter

  2. You must post the moc and story in this topic, and you may create a new topic for the entry

  3. The entry period will end on February 5th, at 5:15 PM EST

  4. Do not ask why the cutoff time is 5:15 PM.

  5. LDD and mocs are allowed

  6. All entries must be new, original mocs and stories


Aight, that’s all there is, happy building and writing!


This definitely looks interesting. I’ll see if I can get something whipped up

ooh maybe I’ll join
Does it have to be a physical moc?

How long does the story have to be?

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I shall keep it in mind.

Im interested, but might not be able to do this.

No. LDD and Mocs are allowed.

It can be as short as a few paragraphs, but there isn’t a cap on the length.


Ok, I forgot to add the rule that it just be an original moc, so sorry, this won’t be allowed in.

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Can you link the moc’s topic to this topic as the entry, or do you have to just write out the story again?

Do you mean it cannot be a preexisting moc?

“This is where the fun begins”

This sounds really cool, glad you guys have cooked up something like this, hopefully I’ll finally finish one of my half finished things and enter.


Yes, you can do this.


Wow this sounds really cool, If we made a new revamp of a pre-existing moc of ours that we haven’t posted can we use that?

yeah sure, that would be ok, as long as the story is new.

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Can I use a moc I’ve already made or does it have to be new?

It has to be new.

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Can the story involve other mocs?

More like Cordax’s Cold contest amirite
Prap’s i shall take the time to enter. PLEASE DON’T TAKE THIS AS ME SIGNING UP I’M NOT SURE YET


Yeah sure, but the moc has to be included in the story.

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