Cordax's Commisions!

You ask for it, I draw it in microsoft paint!
Here are some examples of my art.
So PM me if you want a beautiful MS paint drawing.

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I know you already did my pfp but can you make one of your masterpieces for Artillery?


Could you do one of my pfp?

Yeah sure.

Could you do on of my pfp please?

Yeah sure, I’ll get it to you by the end of the day.

@Nogus101 and @Toa_Good_Guy here ya go!

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Could you draw my hooman, wizard, fire guy, warrior, dude
This one, for reference:

Yeah, sure, It might be a while though, because I have things I need to do.

@GX_05 It wasn’t that long so here ya go!

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Really nice

I had no idea how to do the orange thingy so I just did that.

@GX_05 here’s a singular version:

Ooh do my new pfp

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