CotF: Rebirth - Updates and Opportunities

What are some of the characteristics of the races? do angels and demons have wings or do some have and some don’t?
And what separates the Dangels from being just humans? is it just a fancy name or do they have other traits?

Angels and Demons are actually a grab bag of various different types. For example Silent Fire, a Demon who is already built, is primarily made of fire and has large bladed wings on her arms. Alternatively, Legion, Aurai’s summoned Demon, is a centaur type character with nearly completely physical form and a different power set than Silent. It really is up to the creator of the character.

Dengels take on primarily human traits with a few bonuses, such as their powerful adaptation abilities. But otherwise they are quite simple.

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I am still willing to voice and help, same as two years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you haven’t given up on this.

I’ll be back with a character :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d love to voice a character! Also, can real-world historical characters appear? Or is this its own universe. I have been trying to find a use for Hover-Hoover, a reanimated, cyborg Herbert Hoover who can fly. Otherwise, I still have worlds of ideas.

Strictly speaking, it’s its own universe. It takes place in a modified version of the original CotF universe, so I’d prefer original characters who can be taken seriously.

Except Goober.

Goober is…special.

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Oh, one other question; how’s their school system? Also, is this Wild West steampunk, or Victorian London Steampunk?

School system?

Pretty bad. Not nonexistent, but primarily reserved for upper-class citizens and children of the political system.

Variety of steampunk?

Both of them in some weird hybrid. I couldn’t decide between them so I just decided to go with both. Helps keep this a bit more unique as well.

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So most of the people are illiterate?

Not exactly. Basic knowledge such as reading, writing, basic mathematics, ect. are all available the same way they always have been - passed down from parent to child. The only place illiteracy is rampant is in the lower ranks of the mafia, the “grunts” if you will.

In addition, all the Revenants have advanced knowledge by default as an effect of their psionic abilities, although regarding the regular populace that’s neither here nor there.

Okay, one more question- what about the church in this world? Does it have conventional religions, or its own made up things? I wouldn’t ask but for the fact that the world features Angels and Demons. Also, you said that the government has pretty much crumbed at this point, no?

I tend to avoid the topic of religion in all of my stories but there are two primary religions within the universe. If you haven’t caught on, there’s Heaven, and there’s Hell. Those are basically the two religions, for obvious reasons. There’s a third, smaller one, which is the already mentioned cult, but those are highly uncommon sorcerers who believe their magic comes from a mythical location known as “The Void.”

The government is not crumpled, no. It’s just corrupted from within, essentially.

Okay. I still feel you shouldn’t leave religion out of it, though. Also, are the the rulers of Heaven and Hell in your story God and Satan? And if so, was Hell created for Satan and his fallen Angels after a rebellion in your world, like in the Bible, or have they both just sort of coexisted forever? Because that could influence how characters should be written for those roles.
Man, I hope I don’t get banned for “religious discussion”.

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Neither deity exists as far as the story is concerned. I’d like to leave it at that.

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NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) starts tomorrow!

I’ll be writing for City of the Fallen as my project. If you are interested in having your character in the first 50k words of the story, I need your characters soon. Thank you!

There will be some lore posts as I go, for those interested in the world behind this. I hope to post the first one very soon, possibly even later today.

Much thanks for your time.

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Okay :stuck_out_tongue:

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Right, I forgot about this… (stupid midterms, making me forget about cool suff -.-)

I’ll try to get that for you ASAP. (ASAP meaning as soon as I have time to actually sit down and write things…)

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Okay :stuck_out_tongue:
In your defense most everybody forgot about this for a year. Including me. So…it’s not exactly memorable. Yet.

Name: Thunkra
*Nickname: Thunder fists.
Species: Whatever you think fits.
Gender: Female
Personality: Somewhat quirky and something of an optimist. She is quick to wrath and slow to make friends. However she is quite loyal to the friends she has.
Abilities: Can generate seismic waves using a pair of gauntlets with a jewel embedded in each.
Faction: Heaven, I guess

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Name- Jack Americena (Pronounced “Ameri-Cena (As in John Cena)”)
*Nickname: The Capitalist
gender: Dude
Personality: As American as a personality can get
Abilities: Expert in the use of the free market. Can avoid getting into almost any debt
Faction: Any faction that’s paying him enough
*Important Details: Has a shop called “The Cash Den”. Has a lot of guns hidden in said shop. While seeming a harsh business man at the surface, he has a good, kind heart. The reason he has this harsh exterior is that his wife, children, and second cousin twice-removed Larry Harvey onstibilo were brutally murdered by the forces of hell twenty seven years ago. He secretly plans a surprises, vengeance-fueled attack on them when the time is right. Despite this, he will still do business with them when they ask him to.
*Picture: since I just came up with this off the top of my head, there is none. Just think monopoly-man with more fancy facial hair, and as American as you can make him. Also, through in a little Ron Swanson, please.

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Thank you much! They’ll be implemented as needed. As mentioned, character credit will be sourced.

Well, she’s from Heaven, no?
Thus Angelic. Simple answer.

Immediately makes me think of Mafia.

Also, quick question about that. For future reference, what does is his shop? It could be anything from convenience store to farmer’s market right now, just need to narrow it down a bit.