Could Bionicle return as an adult theme

If Bionicle were to come back (big if), it might not be as a G3 with a similar demographic to Ninjago or Monkie Kid, but as an adult-oriented theme, with fewer, larger sets commanding heftier price tags, and more focus on G1 nostalgia than new story. I was inspired to talk about this by the unconfirmed Bionicle 2025 leaks (which I’m skeptical of), but I have nothing in particular to contribute to that discussion.

My thinking is that the core thematic elements of Bionicle, such as action, mystical fantasy, science fiction, and mystery, could be delivered by an all-new IP. The advantage of reviving Bionicle instead is largely nostalgia. Nostalgia is huge and can’t be understated in today’s media landscape, but few children today remember Bionicle G1, and I’m not sure G2 has a particularly devoted fanbase. On the other hand, Bionicle is extremely difficult to distill conceptually, making it tricky to market. G1 managed to sidestep this issue with an effective multimedia marketing campaign, but IMO, some serious luck was involved and this could have easily gone much worse. G2, I think, was not as successful.

On the other hand, Lego is increasingly courting adult fans and offering them more than ever. Many of these sets are highly nostalgia-driven and can be quite large. I suspect their business model relies on selling a smaller number of expensive sets to a select market of highly devoted people. If I remember right, the results of Lego’s 90th anniversary poll show that Bionicle beat every other theme when space and castle subthemes were pitted against each other, and still scored highly when they weren’t. While Bionicle and its fans are sometimes met with suspicion by the larger AFoL community, there is clearly a significant population of adult Bionicle fans.

In fact, the recent Tahu GWP could be seen as evidence toward this, if we suppose Lego was testing the waters. It was packed with references to 2001, and had a high initial purchase threshold to obtain.

I can’t say with certainty what adult Bionicle would look like. It would likely be system-based, as constraction pieces would likely not be revived for display-oriented sets. Lego Ideas Bionicle projects give us some possible approaches (e.g. Sokoda’s or yannickbuildsthings’). Or maybe it could be something like The Mighty Bowser set but with shadow titan Makuta. Or a wall-hanging art set picturing the island of Mata Nui.

Of course, it’s also possible to take a blended approach. New Bionicle could mix smaller, cheaper sets with more play features and more expensive display sets, not unlike the current Indiana Jones wave, or how Ninjago periodically releases massive Ninjago City sets.

Do I believe any of this will happen? Not entirely, but maybe I’ve been burned too many times. Still, I’d like to hear your thoughts.


I’m not confident that the current fanbase would be large enough to support a primarily nostalgia-focused iteration of the theme long term. (especially given that a decent portion of the current fanbase is seemingly only willing to accept a Bionicle return if it’s a continuation or even a straight up re-release of G1 using the original building system)

Maybe if it was marketed well LEGO could pull in more of that casual “I had the red one” crowd, but there’s no telling how much interest that demographic would have even if they were made aware of the line’s existence.


I don’t want an adult oriented BIONICLE. The reason it was so cherished was that we were all once children who grew up on it. Personally I think they could have more fun with children in mind for such a theme.


Exactly! IMO, They should make it a 12+, or at the very least a 7+ theme, which would progressively get more & more mature as the story goes. They could use a similar format to tell the story, like what ATLA did (Avatar: The Last Airbender) or what the creators of that said show are doing with their recent series TDP (The Dragon Prince.).
The latter of which creators themselves have said that, like the Harry Potter film series, this one will become more mature and serious in tone with each season ( there will be 7 in total.)
A new Bionicle could follow a similar route by having a TV or Streaming show, which matures with its audience as time pass. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it’s entirely possible. Personally, as someone who doesn’t buy expensive Lego (I do get gifted some larger sets for my birthday and/or Christmas, sometimes), I think a Bionicle adult theme with larger, more pricey sets would be a big letdown. I also think it kind of goes against what Bionicle originally was, which was a rather inexpensive line of collectible figures and masks. With fewer sets and higher prices, that would be like sticking Bionicle branding on the Star Wars UCS series.

Personally, I believe the best possible Bionicle G3 (other than bringing back the original Technic-based system or CCBS for that matter) would be a mixel-joint based theme with some sort of collectible item, preferably masks or at least colored mask tiles like the GWP. The sets would be a low price point and would still have the classic constraction that made G1 so special, as well as the collectibles that got the first few years started.


A big part of the the line’s appeal is that it was one of those relatively rare kids’ media that both actively engaged with its audience and didn’t talk down to them.

A good reimagining or continuation has to ‘get’ that, more than anything.


Honestly I’d love it if they did something like they’re doing with Ninjago with their “legacy” sets. Certain sets that are remade into “new” versions with updated features and pieces, they could release various “legend” characters for us nostalgic old people, and then release new characters for the young crowd :slight_smile:


That would be nice. Have the more expensive sets be basically rereleased OG characters, while the cheaper ones could be Stars-styled versions or HF-sized characters. Perhaps rerelease the 2009 and 2008 vehicles, since those would definitely sell well to the people already getting UCS and Technic sets.


Now I’m imagining Bionicle as an “adult” theme with themes that aren’t allowed on the boards.


Oh no…

#horrible imaginings begin#


Can you imagine a lego theme with something as lewd as uncensored hand holding?
Zane and Pixal
Not in MY Bionicle!


When will we get that Pixal minifigure?

On topic:

Will we ever get actual deaths of Bionicle characters on video?


Lhikan died on camera in the second movie.

Beyond that, I’m not sure if Lego would be willing to depict some of the more violent deaths in a visual form, though I’ll admit that such a visual seems more likely now than it would have decades ago.




Ooops, my bad.


I feel like an adult Bionicle return would be tricky at best. Its still possible, but tricky.

I’m in the camp with the majority where i’d prefer proper constraction (not the G1 Bonkle pieces i’m aware those don’t exist anymore and can’t exist anymore) instead of system. No disrespect to system, i got the system Tahu and i like it as a fun commemorative piece but i wouldn’t want that for the future of the theme.

I think if Bonkle were to return for adults speaking in terms of sets and not story, it would have to be deeply rooted in technic for appeal with an adult audience.


I like the idea of releasing “legends” characters. Almost like the angle the stars took with the “greatest hits approach” but we get good reimagining of bonkle’s best.

Like maybe we get a reimagined Lihkan, Mata Nui, etc.


That would be great! Although, could you please not double post?


A little like a Ninjago Legacy of Bionicle. I’d buy that


Indeed, that’s exactly how I’d picture it, maybe older and newer versions of certain characters, like Takua and Pewku and Takanuva, or maybe pre-mutated Barraki as well? The possibilities would be limitless!

And then at the same time release brand new characters that go along with the new story.