Could Lloyd turn evil?

According to this guy, Lloyd is going to get possessed by this ghost named Morro in the season after the Tournament of Elements (season 5)

But could Lloyd actually turn evil without being possessed? Think about it, Misako and Lord/Sensei Garmadon had Lloyd while Garmadon still had evil/the Great Devourer's venom running through his veins from when he got bit by the Great Devourer . Because of genetics, Lloyd could possibly have the venom of the Great Devourer inside of him. Meaning that Garmadon could have passed down the Great Devourer's venom into Lloyd when he was born.

In the final episode of the Tournament of Elements season, before Sensei Garmadon decides to enter the cursed realm in order to get the Anacondrai generals to curse Chen and his army of false Anacondrai, Lloyd goes on like a 10 second rampage against Chen's army in anger. This can hint that Lloyd will lose himself when he loses a loved one. Perhaps by the end of the 5th season, another one of Lloyd's loved ones die and he loses himself again, unleashing the evil inside of him and basically becoming Lord Garmadon II, who goes on a longer than a 10 second rampage, or something.

Oh well, that's just a theory.


I never liked Lloyd, but this could make his character a lot more interesting.


Interesting. It's plausible.

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I actually agree tbh

Could be interesting....

....I will still snipe anybody who dares to make the Ek's old sigfig joke....


Yes, he could end up being possessed. Its a series based on ghosts, so the chances of one or more of the team being possessed at some stage are high.

Its also possible he could turn evil, after all if this is Ninjago's final series then nothing is better than having the hero fall from grace only to regain his strength and defeat the inner evil stuck_out_tongue


I believe Lloyd being possessed was confirmed by Lego. Also, a Ninjago movie is being made, so the series is not over yet grin

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ek's original sigfig was lloyd

BEFORE transformation :wink:

But yeah, it'd definitely be interesting to see Lloyd go evil.

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I'm pretty sure I heard the movie is taking place in the Lego movie universe and wont be a continuation of the show.

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i mean

not to get sciency

but i'm pretty sure that's not how it works

then again, children can be disabled due to alcohol consumption by the pregnant mother... and we're talking about lego logic... so who knoooows


I'm pretty sure I've seen scientific studies that say that addictions can be passed through to the children of the addicts, so having some evil venom be transferred to Lloyd isn't terribly far-fetched.


I suppose, however having become the embodiment of purity after purging what evils and regrets lay in him kind of makes me doubt it.

He might be possessed or whatever; somewhat akin to what The Overlord did to Sensei Wu.


I don't think Misako drinking beer can cause Lloyd to turn evil.


that's not really what I meant

I was offering a real-world parallel for substances in a parent's body affecting the development of the child


Could he turn evil? I don't really know.

Will he get possessed? Probably.

Here is Lloyd in his Deepstone outfit (new September-release outfits):

Here is Morro, in his regular form:

And here is Morro in another form:

Looks like Lloyd.


He could....But I do not think that it will go any farther then getting possessed.

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I saw that....


Yeah, I like the head/shoulder armour for the possessed Lloyd . The 'screamers' also look pretty cool despite the rather cartoony face prints.


Indeed. I wonder if the 'Screamers' will be a BIG problem in the new season.