Could the fans of Hero Factory get HF back?

I would actually like to see if Lego could handle Bionicle and Hero Factory at the same time. Hero Factory could be for younger children and Bionicle could be for older people.


It's likely that right now (sense Bionicle G2 is only going to be around for 3 years) they are making a new Hero Factory when bionicle ends... Well Hero Factory or they're going to bring back Roboriders or Throwbots.

All of my yes.

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Looks like HF's coming back this summer...

no lego is too busy makin things like this


Invasion from Below to be more specific :stuck_out_tongue:

Revel in Pepperoni, HF. You didn't deserve the hand you were dealt... Bionicle G2 was just too POWAAAAAAAHful.

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i honestly think we can't cause there isn't enough of us to do so but think about how mad you bionicle fans where when bionicle was canceled the fans of HF where just as mad that HF got canceled and HF should get a come back like bionicle i actually do like the new bionicle G2.........cause there basically HF

And cause maybe Hero Factory started a persons interest in lego its self

Yeah hero factory is dead. But Bionicle came back from the dead. But at the same time Hero Factory never saved Lego.

no, just no

Um the beast are way more involved then any hero factory set around that same price. At least that's what it looks like any way.

But I can see this getting really off topic. So um yeah I doubt hero factory will come back from the grave.


I was just kidding, anyway I said that about the blurry prelims so... :confused:


As a huge HF fan...I dont think so..I really wish it could come back, and it very well could one day, but I doubt it..

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Hero factory really is something that would get a spiritual successor before a reboot, now that I have thought about it more.

Besides bionicle Lego has never brought back a retired theme (to my knowledge). And while it is amazing that bionicle came back, I still wouldn't count on hero factory coming back, but if and or when bionicle ends again I think it's pretty likely that Lego will have another constraction theme and it may be similar in concept and designs to hero factory (Lego has made new themes that were very similar to older ones like agents and ultra agents)

@Dr_Stranos Honesty, the mechs were why I stopped buying hero factory sets, because I didn't like the idea of mini fig proportions instead of regular build able figure proportions.

@ShadowWolfHount since when has that been a thing?

The original plan for Bionicle G2 was to go from 2015-2017, and if it's popular enough, there'll be more.
At least from what I remember.

@War_of_the_Worlds what's your source?

Only something I think I heard on one TTV Podcast, so not very credible.