Could The LEGO Movie BIONICLE/Constraction?

So last night I fell asleep listening to TTV’s LEGO Movie review. which had me thinking about BIONICLE’s rather lackluster cameo. And since we all know that BIONICLE is not doing that well, maybe a larger part to play in the next LEGO Movie could boost the sales and keep constraction afloat.

Think about it.

The LEGO Movie was the marketing push LEGO needed to go into the mainstream and become the largest toy company. If a BIONICLE/Constraction figure was to be a large part in the sequel it might bring the line to the forefront and help the sales.

Just a thought.



I doubt it, but it would be great.


Well since the second Lego movie isn’t coming out until AFTER the planned ending for bionicle, I wouldn’t think Lego would put bionicle as the huge thing in the movie

Note how in the post I said [quote=“RaptorTalon, post:1, topic:22923”]

Still, what I said still stands, for all we know bionicle g2 might be the last hurray for non-licensed constraction as, yes the star wars ones sell very well, so I would be surprised if they show more then just a cameo

Benny was a thing in the first movie. so a constraction figure in a major role is still plausible.

I think this would detract from the movie that’s being established for us.

How so? we already know that BIONICLE is a thing in the LEGO movie universe.

Constraction can only have a side role at best without derailing the movie. If Bionicle were actually in the Lego movie, it would likely do more to distract from the plot that was being formed. You have to keep in mind what the focus of these movies are from a plot standpoint.

But a side role could likely help sales. and we do not really know the plot, so we can’t say that it could be derailed.

We actually already have a basic idea. This is a HISHE esque Lego Batman comedy. Meaning that the main source of comedy will be derived this stereotypical Batman, his story, and the DC universe as a whole. Shoving in constraction will require tweaking of this main focus. Unless it’s a good and quick joke, it’s not in Lego’s best interest to put in constraction sets. Nor is it something I or too many others want to see. They want to see Lego Batman HISHE the movie.


I was referring to The LEGO Movie 2…

I already know about The LEGO Batman movie.

My mistake then. I forgot about the 2nd movie and just assigned the batman one to be what you meant.

However, I can’t say I expect the second Lego movie do to do as well as the second. It seems more obligatory then necessary. Maybe they’ll make it work. I doubt they actually will, but who knows.

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Just a quick 'lil list of my reactions…

The Lego Movie, as we all know is oriented around system sets, not construction. Of course it would be nice if Bionicle or other constraction lines appeared however how they would play a part in the story is a mystery to me. If anything, the Star Wars constraction figures would probably make an appearance, as they are easy to recognise however other “Lego-made” lines like Bionicle or Hero Factory just wouldn’t work. They would need to be explained and that would push out the already long screen time of a fast pace movie…

Like I said at the beginning, the Lego movie is most likely based on system sets…

Its basically the fandom freaking out cause we think that bionicle will end cause “its not doing so good” I really haven’t seen any real example of this, every time I went to toys r us they were out of most of the toa.



This is an interesting thought, and I agree in that the role of constraction can’t have too much of a role in the movie, but we know that the Bionicle realm exists. The end of the previous movie maybe hinted at the second movie (duplo inasion/destruction of creations). It would be interesting to see multiple different realms gather together into one place to fight evil. That is one of the most logical ways that they could put a lot of their brands into the next movie. I could definitely see constraction being in this battle. Wheter or not a huge role, I don’t know.

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I hope, but doubt.

All I can think of is this.

idk if that is a good or bad thing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: