Could Voporak Be Killed?

I know I know, Teridax removed his air so he couldn’t breathe, but is there another way that someone could kill Voporak, especially a toa?


you could crush him with gravity right?


A Toa of Fire could increase the amount of heat in his body and boil him to death from the inside out

I guess that begs the question, can a Toa create their element within his time field? Or is that an imposition of sorts? If they can, a Toa of Water could just fill his lungs with water


That could work, but then again, voporak’s time field is a weird thing, so fire could burn out before it reaches Voporak and the water could evaporate, using the heat from the air. Air might be effective since it cant really die. It might just lose its velocity.

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thats only if its shot at him, if it was generated in him does the time field still effect it?

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He could be strangled with plants, as they would remain after dying.

Or frozen by a Toa of ice, and then drowned if he tries to melt the ice.

Or be crushed by having a boulder dropped on him.

Or disintegrated by Tren Krom’s laser.


Tren Krom is dead, so he wouldn’t work.

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Ok. I was just theorizing there, as I assume his disintegrator blast could kill anyone.

Yeah. But that begs the question, how did velika kill him?

A Toa of Iron could kill him I guess.

Shredded him with power carvers, or an invention of his own, or got his Great Being body back and some weapons and then killed him. I don’t think it’s mentioned how exactly Tren Krom was killed, just that he was found dead.

I guess that’s what makes Voporak so dangerous, there are tons of ways for Toa to kill him, but they won’t, and there’s no way to capture him


Super nova tornado(temperature of the sun)


The nova blast would cool down by the time it reached voporak though.


Tripping and falling

Maybe a Nuva could time an elemental burst inside the guy’s body


Kapura uses the Vahi to accelerate time around Voporak to the point that he dies from aging at an incredible rate.

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I wonder how the Vahi’s power would interact with Voporak’s time field? Would the field just make the Mask power hit him faster?

Maybe? But depending on whether it works according to the Special Theory of Relativity or not, using the Vahi on it could kill Voporak simply by causing spacetime to go haywire around him due to conflicting speeds of time.

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Dropping a rock on him wouldnt work cause the rock would erode away. Also how did voporak get his powers?


Makuta of Stelt experimented on him. Energized Protodermis, Roodaka’s spinner, some other stuff.

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