Could we do a kickstarter like thing for a new Bionicle book?

Hello. Similarly how transformers franchise have these fan funded transformer sets could we crowdfund a bionicle book or a set and have Greg Farshtey as an author?

Even if only 1000 people gave 10 bucks it would still be 10 000 more than Lego and Greg would get without crowdfunding. I hear Greg would be interested in finishing the story. And they would release it online for us to read.


That would be nice.

But I don’t think it would happen


Unfortunately, probably not.

Greg still works for LEGO, and they’re the ones who pay him. To accept crowdsourced funding for him to do work about their own IP would break a lot of copyright rules.

The issue isn’t funding, it’s that LEGO doesn’t want to do anything with Bionicle. To them, it’s a dead IP.

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This has been brought up before.

The answer is, sadly, it probably isn’t viable.

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Oh. I see.

It doesn’t depend that much on the money but on the fact that there is not a person inside Lego in charge of the line. If Lego isn’t doing sets, it doesn’t make sense to put resources on it and Greg can’t do it by himself because the IP is a property of Lego, so he will need the approval from someone in a position that right know doesn’t exist…

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That still gets hinted at in sets.

Yes, but those are the works of individual, passionate employees. They aren’t decrees by corporate LEGO.

What I mean to say is that LEGO appears to have no intention of releasing anything under the Bionicle name, at least not anytime in the near future.

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