Countries you'd like to visit

Title is self explanatory.

Any particular place/country you’d like to visit?

Me personally:

I’d like to visit Rome, more specifically The Castle of Sant Angelo.

Also, i’d love to visit Venice and Argentina.


im going to japan for my 21st

That place. XP

Seriously though, I’d like to visit Italy, Greece, Spain, or anywhere like so.

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Japan and Germany.

Let’s avoid Korea. Trust me, I’ve been there, it’s not as nice as people would lead you to believe.

I’d like to go to Japan.

Apparently there is a KR themed diner XD

I’d go to that diner.

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  1. Mother Russia - Мајка Русија!
  2. Greek Brothers - Браћа Грци
  3. Mount Athos - Света Гора Атос
  4. Colourful Cuba - Шарена Куба
  5. Middle Earth New Zealand - Средња земља Нови Зеланд

Ive been in most countries of Central Europe, South Europe, would like to see the rest as well as East Europe, Asia, Central Americas, Oceania.


I’d like to go somewhere where I could use my French, so either France or anywhere in Africa where French is a language.

I’d love to got to Holland, and Belgium.


Been there, 12 times, I’ve also climbed up the Eifel tower in france. That was cool.

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I think

Mata Nui would be cool,
Maybe Steelers Nation… O I’ve already been there

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I’ve been to Canada…
(I’m not exactly a world traveler)


Norway, Russia, the Baltic states, Ireland, New Zealand, the Koreas, China, Japan, Canada.

I’d also love to revisit Iceland.

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I’d love to visit Canada.

Scotland would be a nice choice, too, since my ancestry comes from there.


Cuba its like it was frozen in time there

Germany definitely got a lot of ancestors that came from there.
England same reasons.
France same reasons.
And a whole bunch of other places in Europe.
Maby america so i can see what all the fuss is about

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I’ve always wanted to visit Greece. Since I’ve been to Italy, I need to now visit where many Romans got their inspiration.

That’s hard to decide. Maybe Greece, Germany, or Japan?

you sure you wanna go to both?
North Korea is a bit… dictatorship-y right now.