Creation Day 2014 Contest Applications

Post a MOC here to enter it in Creation Day Contest Tomorrow, September 20th, 2014.

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I have a couple questions concerning this contest:

Any MOC?

Does it need a description?

How does one win?

One pic or multiple?

Only one MOC per person (Though if you have a vehicle you can include a driver), no description is needed, though you can include one, you can have any amount of pictures, and Tomorrow, which is the official MOC Day, I will put up a poll of the MOCS of those who upload today. You have the Next 24 hours to apply.


I want in on this action, but I don't have a MOC ready.

So here's Kumal as a placeholder


I'm perfecting my new Niha MOC. It's more basic than my previous version, but I like it. I'll post it later in the day 😁

More views of the MOC on my Flickr page:


Alright here is my MOC, her name is Kastia:


Might as well enter this:


Here's my Entry, Cristophent, a Ta-Matoran guard


No particular theme?

Nope. Just any old constraction MOC will do

Any rules about using System on it?

And then someone posts a giant Dragon here…

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Okay, here's my entry.

Niha is a completely Artificial Toa created by manufacturers on Xia and later bought by the Order of Mata Nui. She has just recently gone rogue, looking for a way to become a real Toa.

This version of Niha has only a small power set, which includes enhanced speed, strength, and agility, among a few other powers. Unlike my previous version of Niha, this one has no means of flight and no Heads-up Display (HUD). She tends to shy away from melee weapons, preferring hand-to-hand combat. Her left arm can reconfigure itself into a number of different tools(only story-wise). In this MOC the left arm is built into a laser cannon.

Only the torso is custom-built, but I really like using the HF bones. They're quite versatile and the armor looks nice on a robot-style build like this.

So, there you have it. Niha: Artificial Toa.


No system. Sorry.

Like, no System, period? Because a lot of the great MOCers out there use System on BioMOCs, and it really works. Maybe I should post a picture to show you what I mean.

This level of System. Not entirely, but used to enhance the outcome of the MOC:

Edit; Double post, fixed by Scarilian

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How bout this. So long as it is primarily Constraction, you can use System.

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Quarix, the last of the Draxtians.


Alright, finished my MOC.

I need a name, but it's a Toa of Magnetism.


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