Creature of Illusions Mirage

So I have decided to not add in more then power, element, and personality for every new moc I post sins I am a story writer and some of what I posted before have been small spoilers for my characters and where the story for each of them where going so I have decided to not post more then this information I do plan to post the pro log here later on though do not know what topic I can post it in, also will not post the pro log until after I’m done with chapter 6 of the story because by then I should be at the middle of the story of volume one of my original fan story Bionicle legends of Toa Toras (still working on the name).

Name: Mirage
Powers: Illusions

Element: Mist
United partner: Toa of Metal

Personality: Mirage is one who likes to hide in the shadows or with in an illusion she is shy and hardly go into the light, though she is controlling and wants to be in full control over what ever gets to close to her, because of this when she combine’s with her Toa Partner she most of the time ends up taking full control over the Toa instead of them working together but this is something the Toa of Metal is okay with sins because when they combine they go into a symbiotic relationship where there personality’s mixes together giving Mirage the will of a hero and the pride of a warrior.

Unity powers: When United with her Toa partner he gets a boost to his elemental powers, and also a speed boost. He is also given the power to create illusions

Here is how they look united



3 (Last one more picture’s of the Toa for when I post about him later on)


This is the first Uniter Creature MOC I have seen yet. Nice!

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I don’t think I’ve seen a Uniter creature like this before.


An unusual creature design, the shell with the purple spikes doesn’t look too well but I like how it wrap around during Unity form.

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