Cringiest times in your life! and stories from it

We've all had that part in our lives
(well most of us i guess) Where we thought we were "deep" and "different" as in we were neo from the matrix.

for me it was when i dyed my hair red and black as i decided Link in park was the only person that got me.
i was so edgy.


Seventh Grade. Those were the days...


is that like secondry school in america or?

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Here's cringe. When I was six or seven, I quoted anything I thought was cool from shows or movies. Immediately I knew that I sounded stupid, and I think I cried my way back to my room.


what did you qoute

Yup it was secondary. Or as we 'Muricans call it "middle school".

The Incredibles and Johnny Test. They were cool, only no they weren't.



oh mah lawd johnny test is so awful

incredibles i don't like the incredibles

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back in Middle school, I finally got the courage to ask out my crush, only to have my belt break, pants fall down, and trip right in front of her in the process.


oh gawd

yyyyeeeeeaah, I have really bad luck

here is some fine cringe for everyones entertainment

when i was younger i thought i was shrek (no joke)
i was like 8

so i tried to paint myself green.

and went to school just saying "army baby army army"


The majority (if not the entirety) of old TTV episodes I was in.


It's okay, Eljay. Your parents already consider you their most cringe-worthy moment.

just kidding, you're my favorite TTV member. BTW, You'll love Utah.


You sound just like the others. cry

And I hope so!


you're one of my favirote cast members eljay

you commented on my topic grinning

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Story time!
So we were studying the Salem Witch Trials, and when we were almost done with them we had a debate on which cause was most likely. My luck being mine, I got put on the team debating that real witchcraft was involved.
We were given a piece of paper detailing some evidence on why to believe that witches were involved. One of the reasons was that some lady had dolls resembling town members with pins in them. When we presented that, the next team got up and one kid (who is pretty much the master of cringe) said, and I quote, "Obviously team 1's point is invalid due to the fact that the pinning of dolls is voodoo, not witchcraft." I nearly died of cringe.


well, he's not wrong.

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it depends

Voodoo Hooodoo?

You just live in one big cringe, don't you? I mean, you never ever get a break. One slip up, and everyones on you like moths to a flame.

Granted, most of them are joking (I hope).

Anyway, when I was younger, I was obsessed with whatever book I read last, so I'd go around quoting it. I stopped doing this around 11.