Cross-Universe Mafia: Backstab REBOOT (not fail)

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Initial happiness aside, basicly the same as the previous Backstab. I'll allow until 6:00 PM Mountain time TODAY for people to sign up. You will be told what you are, yadee yadee yada, blah blah blah, lat's play. I am @TFM101, the Game Master. I will be in charge. If something is not posted at your equivelent by 6:15 PM Mountain Time that day,



Sign up here before March 5/15, 6:00 PM Mountain Time:

I'll post who is in right now:
@Dunkey_Kong /Greencapps
If you want to assist in the scene creation, PM me.


so the roles have changed?

I'll let you decide. Yes, or no?


You've answered your question. distributing roles

Thank GOD I'm not a mafia again!


Night 1:

Takua's hand hurt.

He had been busy recording the events that had happened to their little band. Ever since the sky had flashed really weird one night, things had been strange. He had suddenly appeared in another place with a few other Matoran, as well as some strange beings who called themselves Heroes. Takua didn't know if he could trust them, but for the past several days, the Heroes had exhibited good moral values. He had a feeling that it would be okay to work with them.

What Takua didn't know was that three others had been transported to the same location, and their morals were not as pure as the Heroes. And unfortunately for him, they had come to a decision that no record of what was to come should exist.

Takua heard a knock on the door of his dwelling. "Who is it?" he called, not looking up from his work. A moment of silence passed, then he heard a gravely voice. "Your hand won't pain you any more tomorrow, my friend." "You have something to help me?" Takua asked, turning around. "Oh, yes indeed. Something for all of you."

There was a brief glint of steel. The tablet that Takua was holding fell from his hand, and hit the floor a fraction of a second before he did. The crash drew the attention of a few other Matoran, but all they found was Takua, lying still on the floor.

@Takua, Matoran villager, killed.

The gathered Matoran rounded up those near the scene as suspects.

@Dunkey_Kong: hated the scratching sound made by metal on stone.
@charyas: still resented Takua over a misunderstanding a few days ago.
@ColdGoldLazarus: thought that Takua should have been spending his time on something more worthwhile.
@RECspiriah: bored; wanted to practice his sniper skills on someone.

24 hours to vote.

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I vote @RECspiriah

Wait wait wait
Why isn't TFM doing this?!

Takua got offed so soon again? stuck_out_tongue

WAIT! There isn't any legitimacy to this!
TFM isn't doing it, and they got my role wrong!

He asked for help with the script. I volunteered.

So I get offed first with my role wrong.

Well, what should it be?

Should be Detective.
But whatever, I'm dead anyways.
Ignoring this topic (No offense to anyone playing)


That sucks.

.... this one is hard I know I'm innocent and I know that @ColdGoldLazarus used to be mafia along with me and @Nicholas_Vantastic Nick and since the roles have changed he most likely isn't mafia...

So its down to @Charyas and @RECspiriah. REC had a sniper rifle and we saw a glint of steal witch could be a bullet from it or the rifle its self and REC smacked Takua with it. BUT he said we wanted to use it so that means the steal must be a bullet, but as we all know sniper rifles are LOUD!!! So unless he has a super silenced sniper rifle it cant be him.

So I vote @Charyas sorry buddy

He could have had a silencer on his gun.

all ready took that into account and even silenced snipers are loud