CS1 Police Enforcer

After looking at my self moc I got kind of tired of the red on the suit, so I decied to create a white version. I had to save some money and wait a couple of weeks for the shipment of pieces to arrive, but as soon as the pieces arrived at my house I got to building. I think it turned out great.

Here's some background on this moc. The police in my moc's world are very bad at catching the super villians that terrorize their city. Which is what cause my self-mocs (whose is a vigilante) arrival and has decreased crime by 50%. This vigilante has made the police look weak and incompetent. So the police have decided to recreate my self-mocs exo-suit in an attempt to apprehend criminals and stop the vigilante from taking the law into his own hands. The pilot is a police detective with extensive training in hand-to-hand combat and fire-arm handling. (Sorry for the inika build.)

Here's some pictures of how the pilot fits into the exo-suit.

Here's the pilot in the cockpit.

The suit's gear which includes a s.w.a.t. jetpack upgrade, titanium knuckles, a side-arm, and a rotor melee weapon based on Blackout's melee weapon from the Transformer's movie. (Sorry in the jetpack looks kind of awkward, I'm trying to think of way to cover up the holes and gaps.

I also added a little spinning function to the rotor-blades, which I thought could be cool.

You're probably think why I chose white and green since white and blue are police colors. I did a white and blue version but i didn't think it looked as nice. Here are some pictures of the white and blue version. Here's a picture of The Police Enforcer next to my self-moc.


Amazing! Is there a reason why you made the heads so tiny though?


Yeah lol, I'm working on a custom head right now, but I'm finding it pretty difficult. I usually have trouble with working with old bionicle/ccbs, but once I do make one I'll post an update.

@PekekoaOfJungle I tried it without a head, but it just felt incomplete. Some of my older generation exo-suits don't have heads though.

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Looks REALLY cool.


Green version: cake cookie cookie

Blue version: cake cake cake

(I like the blue one better)

Maybe if ther was a window for the characters face? I dunno...


That thing is AMAZING!!

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No, no, no...

Not think

It IS great!


Very cool! If I were you, I'd probably configure the cockpits in a way that you can see the drivers' masks instead of giving them external "heads."

But other than that, These are simply fantastic. I'm with you on the color thing; green is better IMO.

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Basically the same comments I had on the other version, except that the color scheme is usable

It looks amazing. I can't even imagine how long that took you to do. One thing I would change. I would make them grey to make them more element neutral.

Biocific rim!!!

These things are brilliant. I really like the pilot as well


I love Pacific Rim! smile