mech wars

So this is an event during the 2nd half of act 2 of my oc sci fi universe, where my self moc’s concepts for mech warfare gets stolen and leaked all over the galaxy. Each planet gets different files for different mechs and has their scientists finish the concepts into actual functional war machines. my self moc Cayde feeling responsible for this new era of warfare about to begin, has the help of his house of wolfe team and his own personal war mech to help him stop the productions of mechs. I kind of envisioned this event to be that mission in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood where Ezio helps Da vinci destroy his war machines. I only created about 3 different mechs for this “mech war” lol, I’m planning on making about 5 more different mech suits (different variations or even entirely new exo suits). So far the mech suits in this thread are slightly revamped versions of exo suits i’ve done in the past except the two tallest mech-suits, those are the current generation of mech suits. also just to clarify, the inika builds are regular sized people not and a mech that a minifig somehow pilot.

The two tallest exo suits are not being mass produced because the files for those suits are kept secure by my self-moc and the other pilot.

So this exo-suit was originally based off the advanced warfare exo suit, but i saw edge of tomorrow about 3 months ago and wanted to revamp it into a full metal jacket. if any of you saw the movie then you should definitely be able to spot the influence.

Here’s a mech suit based on the Killzone Helghast Jetpack

This mech suit is actually not designed by Cayde and instead designed by another moc in my story. However it eventually starts being mass produced during the events of the mech wars. This is heavily influenced by Pharah and Gundam Wing.

This mech is a slight revamp of my generation 5 exo-suits. It’s influenced by … something, i don’t really remember.

Here’s a quick pic of the two exo suits in the background

Here’s a bunch of links to other topics i’ve made on literally the same two mech mocs, but you get to see different concepts and the progress i’ve made in the last 3 years.


the second one is the best one

Textures could use work imo.

these look so cool, I especially like the generation 5 one

You have a very messy/greebled/technichy build style, which is not bad at all. All of these look so scrape in a good way. :slight_smile: