My Self Moc Part 2 (Beast mode and Exo-Suits)

If you have any questions regarding my self moc feel free to ask. I will answer to the best of my abilities and I'm sorry if i don't reply. I realized that my moc doesn't really have a true purpose or goal so i've been thinking about what his goal could be. Here is what of thought of so far as to who he is. He is a vigilante that has a military background and sometimes works as a bounty hunter/ security guard. He values justice, honesty, and equality. He believes that justice system is corrupt and slow so he has taken matters into his own hands by becoming a vigilante. He's basically "Red Hood" except my moc has a military background and wasn't tortured and killed by the Joker. I still haven't thought of a vigilante name for him yet.
My self moc also has a "Beast Mode" which is inspired from Bloodborne, specifically "father gascoigne" from the game.

The rubberband on the mask is to keep the mask from falling off. I'm been thinking about replacing the mask with something else or just buying a new one. Also I'm fairly new at building ccbs titan mocs so forgive me if it looks a little iffy. My self moc turns into this beast when he's severely injured or when he crushes his necklace. The neckalce regenerates and forms around his beast neck as shown in the pictures. He turns back to normal when he gets knocked out in beast mode or when he crushes his necklace while in beast mode.
Now here's the crown jewel of my moc. My self moc's exo-suit. The 11th generation of his kind. I haven't come up with a name for my beast mode or my exo suit. I'll let you guys know when i make an update post for my exo-suit and beast.
I just realized that the exo-suit looks a little awkward in the picture, but trust me it's pretty cool in real life.
Here's the cockpit of the exo-suit and my moc in the suit. The exo-suit works a lot like the exo-suit in "Appleseed. Now here are the exo-suit's weapons which include: 2 laser rifles, 2 titanium swords, a 4 barrel plasma shotgun, a plasma cannon, duel barrel laser handgun, a plasma hand cannon, shoulder missles, titanium knuckles, and a shield. The shield looks a little iffy to me, I've probably fix it later.
So like my self moc, this exo-suit has some customizability. It's kind of like a power rangers megazord or like Optimus Prime and his trailer. This variation is based off Heero's gundam from Gundam Wing. This variation also has a different head to go along with it.

This is another variation of the exo-suit.

Here's an alternate head for the exo-suit I don't like to use it because it's not my design. I got the design from a website. Here's the website, it's in japanese so you might have a hard time navigating through it.

Now here's an entirely different exo-suit that was made after Robert Downey Jr. posted the blue prints on the Hulk Buster suit from Age of Ultron. As you can tell this exo-suit is heavily based off the hulkbuster suit. This suit has extra reinforced armor, with built in titanium knuckles and jet pack/ thrusters and bigger missiles on his shoulders. Thanks for staying to the end!


Moc me like one of your French girls.


Also here's two photos of 3rd generation exo-suits. I made these in 2010 and I didn't really care about color scheme or consistency back then so please forgive me.


lol. smile

you've come far sir.... this is amazing....

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I'm a big fan of the exo-suit, but I'm iffy on the first one.


Yeah I have lol. You can't see it in the pictures, but in the 3rd generation exo-suits the pilots would look like they have a hunch back because the exo-suit posed them in a way that made then hunch over.

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I rather like the beast mode. That said, it has some noticeable gaps, namely in the legs and upper torso. It could use some work, but could be very good.

Now the mech. I want to like it, but it just has too many flaws. Again, there are noticeable gaps in the arms and torso. The legs also appear very thin, and he has a case of gorillitis (arms extending past knees). That said, it is very impressive. Again though, some of the weapons are fantastic (I particularly like the shield), but others leave something to be desired (many of the guns). But, its two biggest problems, by far, are the feet and head. The color of the head stands out so much, and distracts from the rest of the moc. I don't know that there is anything you could do to improve it, but I'd advise removing it. And finally, the feet. They are hideous. Please, please, please redo them, and make them less gappy, and a bit wider as well.

Now, as I stated previously. You do not have to split long posts into multiple topics (as far as I know-never posted one before, will soon, promise.). Now, I do respect your decision to split it for the sake of not having one ludicrously long post, but there is a better alternative. Sign up with this helpful little website called imgur. Sign up, bet familiar with it, and upload each of your creations to an album, then link to it in your topic.

But hey, none of what you posted is bad. It could just use some work. Sorry if I came off as harsh, and also for the wall of text.


Bionicles having gorillitis? That's nothing new really the oh okay build basically made everyone that way so that doesn't really bother me, that's just the style it has.

Yeah, but it still didn't look good there. stuck_out_tongue Gorillitis is honestly just one of my pet-peeves.

I never liked it ever XD, but ya that's just Bionicles aesthetic when done this way, if shortened it really limits posing and movement.

Lol. yeah the head is weird and I've been trying to figure out a replacement for it but have had no such luck. Thanks recommending imgur. I'll check it out and hopefully use it later in the future. And yes the feet are hideous, lol. I got kind of lazy with the feet. And you're not harsh at all. You're criticism was very constructive and will help me improve my moc. Thanks!


Our harsher commenters are either banned or just barely around. Try some of the other guys There's also people who are members of other podcasts who can review stuff...

either way this is cool

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Thanks. I just feel that I criticize a lot sometimes, and in those instances I'll always apologize for potentially being too harsh, because there are people out there who are really bad when it comes to taking criticism, and I don't want to set them off. (because that never ends well. ever.)

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This is brill mate, I am just in awe. Oddly enough I have but one critique and I usually don't like to say would you should consider getting rid of but... maybe get rid of the head on the big mech? I just feel like it would be a lot more like a suit and perhaps add a window on the chest so that he can see out? But hey, if you like the head keep it smiley

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Wow. That's very impressive. Head looks a bit too small on the mechs though.

Yeah lol, I have thought of taking off the head but it reminded me too much of kamina's robot from gurren lagann and I thought it looked kind of awkward. However I am working on an exo-suit that is like the one you described. It's going to be based off the exo-force aero-booster.


Wow these are so cool!

Seriously they're really good!

I eagerly await it.

Also, this thing is really, really cool.


They're both pretty cool,except for the tiny heads.

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