Shinobu War Mech (Update 07/23)

Hello, this is another update for one of my exo-suit mechs, The Shibobu War Mech (i know these are the only kind of topics I make, but i’m not the creative to make cool new stuff lol). This mech was originally supposed to be a bulky and heavier version of the Jupiter War Mech, but it turned out ugly and here we are with the newest update. I started to rearmor the mech to that of the Jupiter war mech cause i actually really like the sleek design. And after watching Pacific Rim again multiple times trying to get inspired and watching the new Transformers movie back in june (no, i did not like it) I finally got some new ideas for this mech. I was inspired by many artists, movies, video games, and especially other mocists while making this, but i might not remember to name them or credit them for the idea so if you see something that looks oddly familiar it probably cause i either got it from another mocist or I actually came up with the idea myself.

Some lore about the operations of the suit. The suit is controlled by a neural interface between the suit, the pilot, and the a.i… The pilots have to be surgically augmented (like the Spartan IIs from the Halo Franchise) so that they are hyper lethal and so they can handle the neural load from both the suit and the a.i… Their actual pilot suits are a combination of the Mjolnir armor (from Halo) and the Guardian Armor (From destiny) and can still be used as an enhanced combat armor. When the pilots connect with their mech suit their helmet visor receives transmission from the mech’s head and the movement of the pilot’s helmet controls the movement of the mech’s head. The pilots arms dangle out of the mech to allow it control the mechs arms, and the pilots legs rest inside the mechs thighs which simulate the terrain the mech is walking on to allow fluid movement. The neural connection also simulates the stress/conditions the mech is under to help the pilot know the condition of the mech while piloting it. Some examples are that if the mech suffers an severed limb the pilot will feel a simulation of the mech having that limb severed, if the mech is carrying something heavy the pilot actually feels the weight of the item they’re carrying, if the mech’s head is blown off it could potentially knock the pilot unconscious. But if the mech’s head is heavily damaged the pilot can eject the head and use the chest visor which in turn could nullify the risk of getting knocked out by decapitation, but the pilot has to turn the entire mech’s body if they want to change views. The mech’s simulations though are not as intense as the actual feeling, however pilots try to avoid such stress if they can help it.

Now here we go

Here’s the Shinobu War Mech in it’s ‘God Mode’ partly inspired by Neon Genesis photos I’ve seen (We’ll talk about it later in this thread).

(Battle Stance) The mech has several thruster allowing it flight. The chest furnace is inspired by Gypsy Danger’s nuclear core and is able to fire a giant laser beam (like the titanfall 2’s ion), however this can only be done in the mech’s God Mode. A thing i wanted to do for the mech was give it several weapons that spin or rotate like saws, drills, and chain guns.

(Armed) Shinobu’s enhanced design allows both arms to transform into different weapons. Shinonu’s left arm can deploy an energy saw blade capable of being used as a weapon that can slice through almost anything and can also be used as a shield. Both arms can transform into plasma casters like Gypsy’s and can deadly energy at targets. However these plasma cannons can also be used in different ways.

(Armed PT. 2) As seen in these photos the mech can also deploy little saw shurikens between it’s fingers and can shoot them towards enemies (each arm contains a total of 6 shurikens). The mech also has deployable shoulder missiles, that reload up to six times each. It’s plasma caster also have these energy focusers (idk what else to call it) that can harness the energy in different ways. Without these focusers the caster shoots big powerful plumes of energy that melt through almost anything.

When the focuser is in this configuration, the caster spews out blue flames like an undead dragon from a super addicting tv series.

This configuration focuses the energy into a precise laser like night owl’s laser pen thingy.

This configuration focuses the energy into plasma rounds that can be fired rapidly.

And finally the mech’s god mode. those shoulder pads probably looks really familiar right? When i saw the pictures for Jay’s electric jet I instantly got the idea to use it’s wings for my mech, but it didn’t quite work out, so i instead just used them as energy conduits to give the suit unimaginable power. The shoulder pads work like they do in the movie, they draw electricity from thin air and give the suit even more power to unleash deadlier attacks. The halo ring on it’s back is inspired by Alieraah’s self moc and neon genesis (no i have not worked that show but it has some pretty nice art), it’s supposed to give the mech this aura of divinity and godly strength. The picture on the left shows the mech with the plasma caster’s in with it’s drill add-on, the plasma is focused into a laser point that penetrates through anything allowing the drill to then crack and burst through any armor or structure.

(Victorious) Shinobu holding the decapitated head of another mech.

(The mech and it’s pilot) The picture shows the mech next to one of it’s pilots. This pilot (yes it’s an inika build I’m sorry) is Jax who’s an important leader in this universe i’m creating. Shinobu’s other pilot is Dilpreet, a strategic supersoldier whose sister was actually able to reverse engineer Cayde’s mech (Cayde is my self moc and the person who pilots the Jupiter War Mech) and create shinobu. Shinobu has a shield and sword that is heavily inspired by the knight motif in the new transformer’s movies.

The mech can be still move and fight even if the pilot is not personally inside the mech operating it. This is done by the a.i. inside the pilot’s helmet, the pilot however always has complete control of the mech and the a.i. operates the mech based on how pilot’s own fighting styles, strategies, and morales. This bond between the mech, pilot, and a.i. are like that of cortana/chief, and jack/bt.

And these are some more photos


(alternate heads)

(Let them fight) this thread wouldn’t be complete without a shot of the mech versus a ‘kaju’

(There is another)

Hopefully i didn’t forget to mention anything in the thread. Hopefully this is cool enough for the moc spotlight? (that’s actually the whole reason i joined the site back then lol)


That fire sword looks sick.

A lot of clashing textures imo. Looks nice though

lots of textures, but its kewl

how tall is it?

@Morgy for a second i thought you said it sucks lol. But yeah, I really wanted to make Optimus prime’s sword from aoe and tlk and that flame sword was the final product. Shinobu’s axe sword thing was my sucky attempt at megatron’s sword from tlk, and since i don’t have axonns axe pieces i decided to go with this direction.

@LTVmocs yeah, honestly i never really noticed til i joined the ttv message boards and everyone was telling me lol. I think i just took all the pieces i liked and slapped it together into this mess.

@BrokenAxels Yeah… lol. If you include the halo ring, the mech is 24-25 inches tall, without the halo, the mech is 22 inches tall

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