Current intact Bonkle MOC count

Genuinely curious folks. What’s your current intact count of Bionicle MOCs, namely your Original Character(s). Off the top of my head I’m sitting at 15 Toa, 6 Matoran, 2 Turaga, 1 Rahi, 1 Makuta, 7 Toa-Sized Baddies, and 1 Big-Boss-Baddie.


Right now i cant check, but they should be around 6 toa-sized and 1 small car. There are also my brother’s mocs wich are 1 small car and 2 titans


Somewhere around 40-50 with most of them being utter trash

6 Rahkshi
8 Toa
3 Makuta
2 Combiners
5 Hero Factory
26 Matoran

1 Cordax and 1 wip

EDIT: Oh I also have the Brain Maker guy but he’s missing his feet.

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8 Toa and 5 Matoran on display, I believe.

and two heroes

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Zero. I have three HF MOCs that are using all my pieces. I’mma take pictures for those and then I’ll get something done, or something.

Or something.

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two builds

One large bin of a number that I have not counted, very few of which are not OC, all of which are my own design except for one lewa nuva.

4 toa-sized guys, 1 little guy, and 1 big boi

you have even less pieces then me

anyway, i have no idea. currently moving. i’ll report back later.

Oh no I have lots of pieces, I just dismantle most of my mocs

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1 Toa, 5+ WIPs.

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1 Toa, 1 Rahi, 1 Rahi WIP

The most I’ve ever had was 4 at a time (1 Toa, 2 robot dudes, 1 Marendar)

I’m on a severe piece crunch

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1 Great Being
1 WIP Baterra
1 Lariska combiner from TheShadowedOne1

9 Toa, 7 Matoran, 2 Rahi, 7 Titan sized at the moment.
I’m pretty proud that I got so many in tact, I thought it was way less.

1 Large beetle creature and 6 Toa Mata MOCs

That’s about it. My Mata MOCs and my self-MOC are all in storage. The Mata are small enough that I can pack them away without disassembling them, but my self-MOC is partially disassembled for storage.

My other MOC is too big and fragile to store, and too cool to break down, so it’s staying on my shelf along with my LEGO Bastion.

4 Toa sized figures (By coincidence all are female, I promise I’m not a weirdo), 2 deformed Mataron (One being my self-Moc for now), one Tron inspired glider wip, numerous Rahi some with minor functions and one chair/throne.

Edit: forgot my favourite child: Toa Tablescrap. I intend on making a Blanko XL style revamp.

31 matoran of numerous shapes, sizes and builds, 20 toa sized builds and 6 Rahi

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43 Toa, 2 Matoran, 10 titans, ~20 Makuta, 1 Good guy, 4 vehicles, some brocken rahkshi, some brocken skakdi, 6 rahi, 3 Agori, one brocken glatorian

Overall 89+ i think 8 brocken ones

Edit: forgot my digital ones 140 digital mocs