Current Self Moc

Hello all, first topic here so sorry if I’ve got some bad manners. This is the second version of my self moc, never posted the first because I didn’t like how it turned out, but I finally got it to a good point.

Here’s the front view, I think he looks pretty good from the front I was kinda worried the claw on the left arm would look out of place, but I think it turned out well. I was trying to use every single trans orange piece I had, and I succeeded, for better or for worse (save an extra piraka eyestalk). I will say I don’t really like how the pelvis turned out, just being the one orange piece, and the waist just generally looks a bit too thin. Oh well, I’ll fix it eventually.

I had some extra room on the back, so I gave him a giant jetpack thing, I couldn’t think of any other use for those propellers.

For those curious, the mask is a 3d printed movie style Kiril which I think turned out great. Even if the flash makes it look bad

I originally had a black noble huna (from muaka/kane ra), but it didn’t really fit the aesthetic I was going for.

All in all, I think it turned out pretty good. It can be kinda hard to see with all the black and sketchy lighting, I know, I’ll take him outside tomorrow for better pics, its already night here. Questions, comments, concerns? All are very appreciated.


Those propellers look like they’ll clash a bit, and given all the joints near the waist/pelvis, how stable is it?

It’s pretty stable, all things considering, the propellers do clash, but that’s fine with me, I was just trying to find a place where they don’t look too out of place. The only stability issue is the knees, my y joints are a little weak, but he can still stand. The jetpack itself is only held on by a single one of these

so it wobble quite a bit

Nice little MOC you got there. Black and trans-orange is a great color scheme when used well. The single piece of silver, plus the grey that’s concentrated in the feet, throw that off a bit, unfortunately. Also the feet do look very blocky due to their construction and lack of armor. A prefab foot would fit his aesthetic better.

Oh if it’s just the knees that’s an issue it should be fine, some posing should have you sorted out.

There’s not too much I can do about the grey, with my bushings it’s either that or yellow, I do agree about the silver standing out, but nearly every weapon in my collection is silver, so I cant do a whole lot about that either, if I want him armed that is. (haha armed, get it) And as far as the feet go, I tried going with bohrok feet turned backwards with some additions (for balance), and while I liked the look, both of my black bohrok feet have broken joints, and my only other black prefab feet are either too big, or didn’t fit the armored aesthetic. I will agree that these current ones have some issues, but I think they work for now.

The mask fits nicely

Better pics taken outside


Pretty blocky, but it works