Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(RP Topic)

“But-but the foightin’, I saw them sinkin’ bodies”

“Yes, you did, some of those were my own men. The Nikidians don’t like my patron, she’s from Kenasa, which was recently captured by the Nikidians, though she’s a Marsadian?..I think…”

“So wot is your job then?” He says pointing a claw

“I deal with valuables, I trade goods from port to port. In essence I am a merchant at heart.”

“…so why is a merchant carrying some noble?”

“I don’t know if she’s some noble or whatnot, but I’m giving them a ride for money and only money…and since I can’t go back to Kenasa, I might as well do business in Gathens.”

“…so tell me…what’s with that symbol on ya tie?”

“It’s the crest of my father…haven’t seen him in a while. Heard he went out to the seven seas.”

“Right…and I suppose that finely detailed murderer’s cutlass you’ve got was an heirloom”

“Noble?” She asks, stifling a laugh. “I ain’t no noble. Ima rebel.”

“No, I bought it. I found this beauty at the markets. It’s served me well and has protected me from ruffians who try to attack me. Any merchant, who is wise enough, has a sword for their defense. Its only the dirt poor that don’t.”

Sarah shoots him a dirty look.

“So why’s your flag down? A merchant should have nothin’ ta hide…right?” Valentine questions

“I don’t ally myself with any country. So, I have no flag in its place. Though My signals flags are in regular use, perhaps those flags missed your eye,”

Blud gives her a (what??) look and shrugs his shoulders.

“A merchant would have a flag to show their wealth, bit like a coat of arms”

“I find it is easier for thy enemies to find you that way, besides I’m not that wealthy. I mostly spend my earnings on keeping my ship to shape and feeding my crew, can’t have a starving crew. Also, I don’t have a coat of arms, dad was never rich enough for that.”

“Yer not that wealthy but you’ve got possibly the fanciest sword I’ve ever seen?”

“Yes, I payed using my earnings for a fancy sword. It’s not like I’ve been spending the rest of it on food and repairs to my vessel. I need a item to trust on, besides the story of how I acquired this is much longer, and I assuredly doubt that either of us want to hear me boast.”

“So please tell me. How did you survive a fighting a military vessel”

She rolls her eyes, then turns to Valentine. “Luck. Pure luck.” She said.