Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(RP Topic)

“Each to their own I suppose…”

Blud remarks,
“I haven’t seen a man wear full plate in quite a while, how old are you?”

“Look, I’ll be real with you I just wear an armoured diving suit, I’m not a knight, I’m just some idiot mercenary. I can see that I’ve been a fool so I’ll just leave.”
With that Valentine turns and walks towards the edges of ship

Blud nods,
“Thank you, that is most convenient. I was worried we would lose our speed.”

He sticks one leg over the side of the ship and turns his head (as much as he can) to look at the people he just ridiculed himself in front of

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Sarah blinks. “Wait, ‘re ya about ta jump off the edge o’the boat?” She asks.

“Yes why?”

“…Wouldn’t that kill ya?”

“…no…how would it kill me it’s just some salty water”

Blud thinks about it,
“We could drop you off near shore, as long as the Nikidians don’t find us again.”

Jen barks a command and a the sailors prep the ship for to sail. Pirates down below are fixing up the ship and patching it with tar and pitch.

“…drownin’?” She responds.

“The suit helps with that.”

“…but won’t’cha run outta air?”

He stops to think
“'Spose I would eventually”

Blud walks from the wheel, after giving it to Jen,
“How many were inured or lost?”
Jen answers,
“Six men injured below, one mortally wounded.”
Jen looks at Moenir,
“Boy! What did your eyes see from the best.”
Moenir answers,
“I saw five sailors injured, one die and tossed overboard.”
He was climbing the second ladder on the opposite side,
“Surprised there wasn’t many more.”
Blud calls out,
“Everyone, when I call your name, shout aye!”
Moenir goes over to Sarah, did you see any other injuries(injured)?"

“I appreciate what you’re trying to do but you don’t want me around, I’ll just take up space and be a problem”

“None ‘cept the other side.” She says, trying to remember. She turns to the newcomer. “With that attitude? Yer right. If ye actually do somethin’ ‘stead o’ feelin’ sorry fer yerself, ye might actually be a help.”

“Well unless you need someone who’s good at ripping up shipwrecks yer outta luck”

Blud comments,
“I’m sure a few folks in Gathens could use your skills.”

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