Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(Signup and Discussion)

I mean technically it’s only four, you were already here

Well, five if I include myself. But I guess you’re right.
But my question still stands.

Well, I’m going to be leaving on Monday for a few days, so I won’t be doing anything until I get back.


I don’t mind starting but my activity will be spotty overall (Hopefully quality will make up for quantity)


I’ll be starting the RP today, but if you haven’t signed up yet, don’t worry! You’ll still be able to after the RP starts.


Name: Ryko D’hardensen
Gender: Male
Nationality: Ardonia
Appearance: Tall and lanky, with tanned skin and greying hair. Eyes are a light brown/yellow.
Weapons/materials: He carries two pistols and a cutlass, as well as a large myriad of poisons and other harmful chemicals. These are in individual vials held in a holster that goes across his chest. He also carries a satchel with various ingredients for making these, as well as spare vials.
Bio: Ryko is a deadly warrior, yet he does have a soft side for young children, having lost his own to the war in Ardonia. He tends to lash out at people who make assumptions, but can be easily calmed down. He is known for his adept skills at making dangerous substances from a few plants and materials.


Accepted. Join whenever.

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Well as always here’s a new character, that might show up yet for a bit, but it’s better to have him here than forget him. Also at the end of the bio is a spoilers tab, it just has a few things that are spoilers, so if you are a person who hates spoilers don’t look at it.

Name: Blud Beard, Captain of the Bloodmoon Devils
Gender: Male
Nationality Currently Unknown, for good reasons. Some believe his lineage traces all the way back to Riifeim, or Lya. Most of the time though they just guess a far place for Blud’s origin and it changes every time, it’s quite dreadful.

Close up on Head:

On the end of his tie it has the crest of the Bloodmoon Devils

Blud’s hair a is a deep scarlet or maroon, extremely close to the color of blood. He wears a red plaid vest over a light tan loose ■■■■■. Half his vest is a dark brown leather, the other half is the plaid. He wears loose slacks for pants, often not caring too much on how he looks. Also he generally wears a tough large hide coat, that covers most the ■■■■■ and vest.
Weapons: Blud carries a cutlass, decorated with a elaborate guard. The sword was obviously a noble’s, or a wealthy man’s before he took it. In the guard it has an emerald engraved into the pommel and an aquamarine in the cross-section of the guard.
Blud also has six flint lock pistols strapped to his chest. They are all of a different style and inlayed with leaf designs of other mementos. Though the coat hides them fairly well. He carries a small rough sack bag that holds ammunition and a pouch with loose money. Around his neck is a powder horn, storing black powder.
**Bio:**Blud Beard is the Captain of the Bloodmoon Devils. He’s annoyed with the fact that Nikidians closed the port for the time being and when he’s annoyed he does something about. Whether that’s launching cannon balls, or if that’s sneaking into the city, we don’t know…yet. It could be both.

[details=Spoilers]Yes this is the spoilers, aren’t you glad you checked for them? Such a terrifying surprise, no one would’ve guessed a thing.

[details=Real Spoilers] Blud’s real name is Richard Davison, his father was Re’on Davison and yes his birthplace is Marsada.

Final Spoilers 17

Blud is the father of Moenir, and yes Moenir doesn’t know that, shhh don’t tell him[/details][/details]

Bloodmoon Devil’s Jolly Roger

Blud Bear’s Hat

it’s embroidered with the bloodmoon skull on the left side. The hat originally belonged to a Nikidian Commander, but while at sea that commander lost his hat and his life. Blud took that hat and modified it, to have the bloodmoon skull on it.


(though, a sidenote, most people in Sadnadia don’t actually know about Riifiem, or really any of the Aaoliima Archipelago)

Wait I should post a whole map, shouldn’t I? I will.

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I was mainly using that as an example, for rumors of Blud’s origin.

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I figured as much, but I figured I’d bring it up now so that it’s less likely to be contradicted later.

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Makes sense, also did you read the spoilers

Yes. As GM it’s my responsibility to make sure that that sort of stuff stays within the rules.

Also, neat.

Also Also, I might add in some of my own new ‘characters’…soonish…
Whenever they get to Darsa


Also Also?
Don’t you mean And Also?

No. It’s meant to be grammatically incorrect.
Honestly, it’s kinda a reflection of my usual dialect when actually speaking. Since I already used also, it’s another also, so it is also an also.
don’t you just love English?

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English is a the thieving language, it takes other languages to a back alley and beats them, taking parts of their grammar and words.

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I usually call it the “Frankenlanguage.” Taking parts of all the others and just stitching them together.


That works as well

Name: Sean O’Neil
Gender: Male
Nationality: Kenani
Appearance: Graying brown hair, with gray eyes. He has a mid-height stature and an average looking build, with a tan long sleeve ■■■■■ and dark grey pants, wearing a fur lined cloak over top of them.
Weapons/Materials: On him he carries a single pistol and a cane, but hidden within the cane is a small sword blade, just in case.
Bio/Personality: He’s a historian that currently lives in the city of Darsa, living alone in a tower set away from the main city. He usually seems quite quiet, and is always looking for news from outside the city, especially from Western Nikidia and Eastern Marsada, whenever the two aren’t at war.

Name: Hans Wagner
Gender: Male
Nationality: Imillian
Appearance: Average height with a slimmer build, light brown hair and blue eyes. Wears a dirty white tee and a pair of overalls.
Weapons/Materials: Carries one pistol and a pair of custom weapons that go over his forearms, looking like this:

Once from a small town in Imilli, across the river from Urtor and near the mountains of the Imilli Pass. One day, a Marsadan blacksmith came through town, and seeing the skill the boy had with a hammer, took him on as an apprentice, taking him back to Marsada with him, where he’s spent the past few years learning from him. He’s a very energetic and creative person, who loves thinking up new ways to do things.

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Name: Lillan Reytar
Gender: Male
Nationality: Chrennen. (Something I’ve been working on)
Appearance: Lillan has an average build, with dark blue eyes and blonde hair. He has a habit of dying his hair with pigment made from flowers.
Weapons/Equipment: Lillan carries a small knife and two shortswords, which fit into a sheath that is strapped onto his back. He also carries a small pouch filled with various healing ointments and the like.
Bio/Personality: Lillan is the most recent Traveler of the Chrennen. He is skilled with boats and the sea, as well as botany. He is calm and quiet, and can be quite sneaky and secretive. Lies come easily to him, although he rarely lies unless necessary. Once he trusts a person, he will become welcoming, caring, and kind.

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