Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(Signup and Discussion)

The sheen of steel. The flare of muskets. The smell of gunpowder filling the air.
The land of Sadnadia was forever changed with the finding of gunpowder, and with the advent of new weaponry, such as the musket and the flintlock pistol. While still in use, the traditional weapons of steel were rocked to their cores upon this introduction, and tensions between rival groups were further escalated by the more violent uptakers of this new technology.

Many countries, both small and large, call this continent their home. However, the two largest players are the countries of Marsada and Nikidia, who have been locked in war for the past many years. Recently, a large city near the border by the name of Kenasa was captured by Nikidia, and is currently occupied. However, due to how many times it has shifted control(to the point that no one even remembers who originally controlled the city), each side has sympathizers within the walls of the city, and this most recent occupation has resparked the conflicts there, trouble brewing within and below the streets…



Other Stuff:
Nationality: Other than the big two, there are…well, I don’t know how many. You can help fill out the map if you want, with visiting characters from another country, or what-have-you. I’ll list all the countries other players have made below as well, in case you wanted to know about that.

Setting: For the most part, this RP will take place within this city, but I’m not opposed to going out into the surrounding area or other nearby towns and villages.

Day/Night: So, days and nights progress, and I can’t always be here to say whether it has become day or night. As such, we’ll have a system where the day changes every so many posts. I will update this and the topic itself with the count once I’ve determined it, as I’ll wait until I see how many people sign up and how active people are to determine it.

Just a short list of dos and don’ts.
Here’s the Don’ts:

In short, the act of bunnying is moving your character or other characters along at a rate faster than would be considered reasonable. It’s not a wise idea to do that.

This is where you twist events going on in an unrealistic and unfair manner towards your favor, and tends to happen the most during fights. If at all possible, avoid this. Repeated offenses to this rule are likelier to result in a punishment.

The GMs and especially the site Mods have authority here, and their word is not to be taken lightly. If you think one GM steps out of line, let another GM know about it. However, as the GM, if you feel there are some shortcomings on my end, just let me know in a civil manner, please. I see nothing wrong with constructive criticism.

And, of course, some dos.
-Play Fair
If your character dies, then that’s life. Don’t form some kind of childish grudge against another player for it. While this may be something that you’re not used to, it can add some added interest into a game and add some risks to playing recklessly.

-Respect Other Members
Oh, Joe beat you in a fight and left you with an arrow through your arm. Well, he played fair, and in this circumstance, won. No need to form an on-site grudge against him; he was just playing by the rules and so were you. Either his character was a bit more powerful than yours or he’s just a bit more skilled at RPing. Take the arrow out of your arm and maybe bandage it, and don’t forget about it, either.

-Never Forget Wounds
If your character breaks an arm, and an in-game week goes by, the arm’s not magically better. Don’t let yourself forget wounds of lasting damage. Realism is key, and if you’re interacting with other characters later on, your broken arm might be a conversation starter.
(Help with rules courtesy of @Ghid.)

-And The Things That Go Boom.
Now, for how the guns will work.
-You can only shoot one bullet a post, and you have to specify that you’ve reloaded before you can fire again.
-Being that these are early firearms, keep in mind that they aren’t very accurate, so they aren’t an insta-kill weapon. On the other hand, though, don’t think that means you can perfectly dodge every shot if you’re being fired at.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, this is where accepted characters will go:

[details=And the countries so far.] Nikidia- A country who’s main exports are war and weapons, particularly steel weapons. Locked in a long series of wars with Marsada. very loosely based on medieval to industrial France
Marsada-Very similar to Nikidia, a nation built by war and kept through war. Very loosely based on Britain
Gathens-A nation of great trade, built by the riches it is so good at collecting, on both the pure and less-so markets.
Dezima-A technological and industrial titan, built on the back of a desert. It was them who made the advancements that would lead to these new weapons: firearms.
Ardonia-A far off nation currently in the toils of civil war.


The culture of the more pictured continent was originally meant to be more European inspired, with some other little flare added in(for example, the architecture is a little bit more fantastical, specifically in Kenasa: brick paths arching between the tightly packed buildings, with large common areas built on the roofs of the shorter buildings, all over cobble roads, building just as much up as it usually would out.)
The northern continent could be based on either eastern/middle-eastern cultures, or even more Native-American or Scandinavian inspired, I hadn’t really decided yet. it shouldn’t matter for Ardonia, though. It’s geographically close enough to Sadnadia to be culturally similar if you want.


This sounds pretty cool! I might join it.


Name: Moenir Dreharion
Gender: Male
Nationality: Gathenian, he is a “trader” from the small country of Gathens. (Totally didn’t borrow from a fictional world I made…or borrow from an ancient culture no…, )

Sadly this was as far as I got before I honestly gave up. It was very labor heavy in drawing purposes. So here’s a better description of Moenir’s wardrobe.
Moenir wears a white collared ■■■■■, with a dark brown waistcoat over the ■■■■■. He doesn’t usually wear his grey coat, but will during colder seasons. He also wears a small red scarf around his ■■■■■. His breeches match his coat’s grey color. Moenir is generally tall and on the skinny side.
Weapons: Moenir carries a rapier sheathed on his left hip, a crossbow slung on his back and holstered on his chest he keeps a flintlock pistol for good measure. For the crossbow I’m going to play it similarly to a gun, but with less noise and quicker reload, such as shooting and reloading being in one post, before I shoot in the next post. Unless this is not needed.
Bio: Moenir is a trader from Gathens, though that’s purely what he claims to be, in reality he is trader, but he often deals in the black market and won’t hesitate to take a bounty for a job. His arsenal is designed to be quiet and quick.

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Also, I’m starting on making a map for the continent, so eventually we can talk about where that might be.

Name: Jacques Deniau
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nikidia
Appearance: Tall and slim, with brown hair and eyes. Wears a clean military officer uniform and a monocle. Despite this, he’s surprisingly strong and fast(though not greater than a human can do), and isn’t afraid to fight.(I’ll draw a picture…eventually.)
Weapons/Materials: A rapier and two flintlock pistols, with a small satchel of ammunition on his left hip.
Bio/Personality: He’s a very proud man, and the highest ranking officer stationed in the city after the conquest. He’s a calm, collected strategist, who when fighting can get quite heated if it’s to protect his honor.

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Should we include ages?


Don’t have to, but it’s not discouraged either.


I’m not going to lie to you, I read “Nikidia” as “Nidikia” and laughed until I realized I was wrong.

I am intrigued in this good sir… just to clarify on the guns, since it’s muskets and flintlocks and the like, is the one shot per post a hard rule or does/can the rule of cool apply if it’s not a direct attack against a PC? I’m mostly curious since waiting post-by-post because of reloading could really break up the flow of posts :stuck_out_tongue:

(and also because I’m one of those “post a few big posts a few times a day” kind of people lol)



Yes. I’m usually very lenient with rules Sometimes a little too much so, unfortunately, but I’m getting better, so as long as it isn’t against PCs, or if the other player says “hey it’s cool bro,” I’d be fine with that.


Schweet, In that case I may have to get in on this :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I probably shouldn’t say that since I’m still in the process of unpacking in my new place. VE SHALL SEE.

Either way, I look forward to stalking this and seeing how it does, I like it!


I would like to comment here to say that, if this is being historically accurate (at least on this part) that getting shot with a firearm at this point in time would mean a multitude of horrible diseases became a possibility thanks in a major part to the limited medical capabilities at the time, and that if a player is repeatedly breaking the rules with their firearms, it’s perfectly in-line with your world and your capabilities as a GM to have the entire firearm explode in their face and kill them, as that happened a lot too.

A question I had is where on the planet are these countries located, and what environment/ethnicity does it present? currently the only visual reference I have for approved characters is borderline manga fanart, which… Isn’t very helpful when trying to determine the culture this takes place in.


Name: Asher Dremmel
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Nationality: Ardonian
Appearance: Asher wears a rough cloth red ■■■■■ and black pants, and a black coat.
Weapons: Asher carries a flintlock pistol and a dagger in his belt. He also is trained with a bow and carries one on his back. He has a small bag of ammo in his belt too.
Bio/Personality: Asher’s family lived in the faraway land of Ardonia until it broke out in civil war. His grandparents moved to Kenasa to try and avoid war. Now, though, Asher and his parents are caught in the middle of another war. They have stayed neutral thus far, but changing times may force them to take a side or get caught in the crossfire…
Asher is somewhat shy at first, but if you get to know him he’s friendly. He doesn’t like to draw attention to himself or be confrontational, which sometimes results in him accidentally ending up places he doesn’t want to be.

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To build on this, what’s the immediate vicinity of this city like? Is it coastal, mountainous? Desert? Stuff like that’s gonna determine a lot of other things too :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, yanno, hard to decide if you’re dusting off a crotchety old Pirate Captain, a Crazy Merchant, or the Strong, Silent, Kill-You-In-Your-Sleep-Assassin from the character books if you don’t know which ones make sense XD


From my understanding of what I’ve seen of the map, (yes, I’ve seen a little, since he was having me choose where Gathens is) the city is costal, I wouldn’t call the thing it’s on a peninsula, but it’s fairly close to a peninsula. The culture I’m guessing is fairly close to European, but that’s guessing from the weapons. Also you can technically create a nationality for your character and by that create a culture from that, such as I created Gathens, which is a small merchant kingdom, based on two islands. Mainly it’s based on two Greek cities Athens and Corinth. (I thought this would help, no idea how much it does though)

That helps me some! Thanks Mate!


I’ll keep this in mind. However, for sake of convenience, I’ll say medicine is a bit more advanced than firearms at this point in time, to where the infections are a lot less likely to kill thanks to medical advancement. And just give me one moment, and I’ll give you a map of the land and countries.

@Wolf_Pack accepted.
Yeah, just give me a few minutes to load it up and change some things I’ve been thinking of changing, then I’ll post it in the main post here, with small descriptions of each nation we’ve heard of so far.

EDIT: The map is now up, with currently accepted characters’ nations added in as well. Take it and the information added as you will.


No, that’s fine. It wouldn’t make much sense for them to have traveled much farther.


AHEM. #TimeToStartRPGingAgain

Name: “Captain” Skieros Altev’e

Gender: Male

Nationality: Gathenian

Appearance: Skieros is middle aged and aging, as evidenced by the streaks of silver that run through his dusty brown hair and goatee. While standing just under six feet, his figure is less than imposing, but belies the natural strength one earns on the high seas.

His wardrobe is often just a simple white silk ■■■■■, a pair of trousers, and a black duster coat. He refuses to wear a hat on dry land, though won’t talk about why.

Weapons/Materials: A shimmering silver rapier, with runes that seem to shine blue etched down the fuller. The handle and guard is an ornate mesh of wire and steel, looking almost like a celtic knot but also too ornate to be the guard of a sword. Skieros keeps two flintlock pistols holstered in his coat, though in combat, prefers the up close and personal aspect of sword-fighting.

Personality: Skieros is, for the most part, well humored and well mannered. There’s a steeliness to his eyes and the way he carries himself that belies the cold hearted nature with which he conducts business. Make an ally of him and you have a powerful friend, make an enemy of him, and he has both the means and the will to hunt you to the literal ends of the earth if necessary. Few have ever weathered his ire long enough to tell of it.

Bio: Skieros has about a dozen origin stories that he’ll tell you, depending on who you are, what he wants, and how much you pay. The most common? Skieros was born into a high-class family in Gathens Northern Island. His family’s wealth enabled him to study extensively with some of the best tutors in the nation, and this pleased his parents so. After all, he was to take over their trading endeavors.

At a young age, Skieros showed an interest in learning the art of swordplay, and while his father aquiesced, it was with the expectation that learning such was all in good fun, and not for any type of serious combat. Then one day, on his 20th birthday, Skieros’ parents were assassinated by a rival trade conglomerate while Skieros was captaining the maiden voyage of their newest ship. The news reached him in the far north, in a city on the coast of the Sea of Elest. Knowing that to return would mean almost certain death, and expecting his enemies to come for him, he immediately set to the task of turning his modest fleet of ships into a fearsome personal navy. His flagship, the Eclipse, was converted from merchant vessel into warship in the span of just a few weeks.

With his new Pirate Navy, Skieros set out to sink his rivals beneath the seas and avenge his parents. At least, that’s what he likes to tell the poor captains of the ships he finds before setting them adrift. The truth is, whether he’s the son of wealthy, murdered parents, or a street rat who lucked out and found a ship, he’s dangerous and potentially unhinged.

Which brings us to present-day Kanasa. With his ship docked the day the newest occupation began, it was singled out for “repossession” by the Nikidian military. With his flagship locked in place, his fleet far to the west, and his crew either dead or disappeared, Skieros has no choice but to weather whatever storm is coming, and hopefully escape.

One thing is certain though: The Eclipse, and the entire harbor, will burn before Skieros lets any military have her.

I Had Fun With This Bio


Cool. Accepted.

Name: Sarah Williams
Gender: Female
Nationality: Kenani(with some recent Deziman and Marsadan relation.)
Appearance: Slightly shorter than average height. Red hair and pale skin, with bright green eyes. She wears a pair of denim jeans and a brown leather blazer, with a mid tone grey ■■■■■ underneath, and two dagger sheaths on her hips, a holster just below the one on her right. Also wears a tan scarf sometimes.
Weapons/Materials: She owns a pair of fairly basic looking swordbreakers(note, despite name, they very rarely actually broke swords, but were really good at catching them. I don’t have access to a resource to link at the moment, but you should look them up if you’re curious), and a single flintlock, with her name carved into the stock.
Bio/Personality: She is a fiesty person, never one to back down from a fight, and sometimes likely to start one. She’s a skilled fighter with basic engineering knowledge, likely taught to her by her Deziman mother. Since she was born, the city has changed hands many times, but her parents taught her to always be true to her homeland. She is ready to free the city from the hands of Nikidia, even if she has to fight tooth and nail to do so.

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Name: Semaj Villan (Seh-MAJH VILL-ehn)
Gender: Male
Nationality: Deziman
Appearance: Semaj is 6’3", middle aged, and heavily built. His wide range of professions and the years spent in a few of them have bulked him up, making him much stronger than he appears. His skin is heavily tanned from years in the desert and rough from the constant pelting of sand. Wearing a thick leather overcoat running down to his knees and a tricorn hat, leather boots taller than his calves, thick, black hair, and bright blue eyes which shine brilliantly out of the deep creases of his face. His hands are wide and bulky, and out of his massive, bristled black beard is a perfect set of teeth, something he prides heavily.
Weapons/Materials: Semaj Villan carries six flintlock pistols inside his large overcoat, extra gunpowder in a small bag, and ammunition inside a spare sock stuffed into one pocket. When dealing with a low-class troublemaker, he will often resort to pulling it out and flogging his target with it. He also carries two knives, one in each boot, and a large cutlass on his hip.
Bio/Personality: Worked as a jack-of-all-trades in Dezima for most of his life, as a brick-layer, stick welder, blacksmith, bodyguard, and a slew of others for a lesser time. He’s ventured around the continent but spent most of his life in Dezima. He’s helped build firearms and even invented a few prototypes than went nowhere. He has no taste in literature, has an incredible capacity for consuming alcohol, and on one occasion consumed so much of it the bar had to close. He is intensely seasick whenever on a voyage, although he can overcome it for brief periods out of sheer determination, but his relapse can be quite violent.

From the day he was born Semaj has had a rough life. When he was six his father was gunned down by a very early firearm prototype which could fire six bullets. His assailant was his former partner, looking for revenge.His father being a tinker never earned his family much money, but now Semaj had to do it on his own. A few years later production of firearms began in full swing, and Semaj worked there for twelve years. He spent the next fifteen back and forth from being a blacksmith and being a brick-layer, along with other odds and ends. His dreams of being a sailor were squashed when he passed out on his first voyage.

Eventually war broke out, mostly thanks to organized crime finding ways to seep into the city of Stonethrow. Semaj Villan made his name known as an incredibly efficient and occasionally brutal bodyguard and public enforcer, and by the end of the assaults had become semi transparent to the law in Stonethrow. Many of the townsfolk know his eagerness to assist with any task, and a calm stroll through the street will often result in him doing a large handful of small tasks for everyone he meets. His hand has become an extension of the law there, and rascals he brings in are treated as prisoners with little questions asked. e has a good standing with the government there, and most places he travels he can receive a reaction by his appearance alone. To his enemies, however, he’s a brutal merciless monster who will not wait to deface his opponent if the situation demands it.

For better or for worse, when the terror of the sand pays you a visit, you best hope he’s there on peaceful terms.



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