Custom head for Kanohi Kraahkan

Finally got my hands on Mask of Ultimate Power, however, I prefer displaying it as a collectible rather than on Makuta G2. That is also due to the fact I actually like how he looks with Kraahkan. However, there was a thing I always had a problem with. The way Kraahkan was attached to a Mata Head meant you couldn’t see Makuta’s eyes except for some profile shots.

That is why I designed a custom head to be used with Kraahkan. Of course it renders the second face gimmick useless, but I never liked it, so I couldn’t care less.
Here are the instructions.

  1. So, first of all, you need to replace a ball/socket CCBS bone with socket/socket CCBS bone. That is, of course, if you’re going to use this head for Makuta G2.

  1. Here are all the neccessary pieces for the head itself.

  1. Start with this. It is very important you push the axle/stud piece inside the technic piece exactly as pictured here. That is needed in order for the mask not to pop off the head.

  1. Add a ball, bohrok eyes and a socket. Kinda looks like Makuta Mistika heads without the masks. Yeah. I know its ugly, but…

  1. Put the Kraahkan on. It’s quite easy really, but before you do it, I recommend placing this technic liftarm piece inside the Kraahkan. With it, you will cover some space, where the head doesn’t fit in.

  1. Voila! You get a nice Kraahkan with eyes visible in a full face shot. You should not be afraid of breaking it or stressing the plastic since the mask actually has grooves on the inside, that cling to bohrok eyes. However, on a sidenote, this is basically a display head. Kraahkan will 100% fall off when you’re playing.

There is also an option to place a tube, that connects to the back piece of MY G2 Makuta, that is, as you can see a Pohatu Nuva Claw.

You can actually use it with Teridax as well. No adjustments needed. If you like him with blue eyes nothing stops you from mixing and matching the colors of the bohrok eyes. You might even put in yellow eyes and put it on Icarax.

And here’s just an extra shot of G2 Makuta with Kraahkan.

I’m actually planning on putting some electronics in to light the eyes and all of his translucent parts up.


I could start using this over my own design

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