Custom Masks

Let’s start with two new ones, and see if I can upload some more a bit later.

EDIT: Here’s a link to my flickr for more pics to those that want to see them.

Just so I don’t have to say this a bunch of times in replies, anyone interested in buying anything can e-mail me


I’ve seen these before, what other websites have you posted them to?

That dark Mask of Creation looks so incredibly boss I have no words. I can’t wait to see the villainous MOC that dawns it.

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Flickr, Tumblr, Deviantart, BZP… I use a shotgun approach to posting stuff.


Didn’t realize you made an account month ago. The mask looks very legit.

I believe this is him.

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It’s so beautiful.
I love the MoC especially.

That custom Akaku looks fantastic.

Those are some really neat designs! I like the underwater feel the Akaku has, and that dark Mask of Creation looks stellar, especially with the printed Nuva Symbols! That must of took a long time to do.

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I think I may have seen some of your stuff on Deviantart. Also, these look amazing!

These are amazing

I really like the look of the Akaku with it’s steampunk sort of look

Nice sort-of gas mask on the Akaku. The MOCr is also really well done.

that breathing apparatus and the dark MoCr

that’s amazing

I’ve seen you work on Tumblr, and I really like it! It’s great how you bring out the runes on the Mask of Creation… but it makes me wonder, have you done one like it appears in JtO? The trans-blue one, but with gold runes?

they look amazing. any tips for starting to do custom masks

I wish I could make custom masks like that.

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That Akaku :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Reminds me of the power armor helmet from Fallout.

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How do you make these?

Nope, and I probably won’t. When I paint the masks I have to use a spray primer to get the paint to stick, which means to keep transparency I have to mask off anything I don’t want primed. And masking off everything but the runes, while technically possible, seems like way too much effort for the end result to me.

I would invest in a nice spray primer (and make sure your paints match
the primer type, otherwise they won’t stick) and look up some youtube
tutorials on painting. Warhammer TV has plenty of good ones, and most of
my painting skills I got from painting the same kind of minis and
reading tutorials from White Dwarf.

I cut them apart, glue them back together, prime them, and use tiny brushes to paint everything on.


You even cut apart the mask of creation?

Nope, that one is just painted. At the risk of sounding tautological, all the masks that look like they were cut apart were cut apart, and all the ones where no physical material is added weren’t.