Custom Matoran Designs

Introducing: Po-Koro Miner, Brimstone Guard & Ra-Matoran

These designs use the '03 Matoran build, and were intended to use simple modifications to create new and unique characters in the G1 lore.


"Some Matoran escaped the wrath of the Great Cataclysm to hide for years in the Ga-Metru swamps, but to say they survived the scourge unscathed would be a tremendous overstatement; for their lives would forever be changed by the coming of the Visorak, and the tainted waters they left behind."

This design uses green pieces, horned attachments and a tribal staff to create a barbaric, part-Matoran, part-Rahi theme. The grimy chest piece (which was the result of 10+ years of storage) ended up being oddly relevant to the design, given that the Ra-Matoran inhabit swamps.

The horns are attached like so. They are prone to wobbling but it's the best you can do with the weird Matoran head piece.

Since no green 'upper leg' pieces are available, axle pins were used to attach the feet. Half-bushings hold the feet in place as shown. This inadvertently makes the Ra-Matoran shorter, which is fitting for the intended theme.

I was intending to give this design a hunched neck to embody the Rahi style more, however the '03 build is quite resilient to any sort of modification, and all attempts ended up looking clunky and / or unstable.

Brimstone Guard

"The Brimstone Guard were once a contingent of Matoran sworn to protect Mount Valmai. In times of strife, they were the next best thing to Toa, yet they never once set foot outside the expanse of the mountain. Were it not for their undying devotion to defending the great volcano, they would never have fallen to its raging fire."

Introducing Ta-Koro Guard 2.0: Implementation of black as the secondary colour is fitting for a character spending most of his time around ash and obsidian.
I used a black Pahrak weapon as a shield piece (which I suggest you also consider doing for the 2003 kolhii defenders (Jaller, Hafu, etc.)); and a black Vakama '05 sword, plus a black nuva shoulder as its pommel.

I added a flashlight-esque attachment to the right shoulder to imply a position of authority, and / or to light the way in the depths of a volcano.

The shield piece is attached via the axle hole on the left arm. This is more reminiscent of real-life shields, though articulation is better when attached to the hand.

And finally, my personal favourite...

Po-Koro Miner

"Po-Koro prides itself on its stonework and crafting. We praise our builders with an almost religious fervor, but I believe those who dig up the stone in the first place deserve more credit."

The Po-Koro miner carries three distinct tools (a hammer, a pickaxe and a rake), all of which can be stored in his backpack (shown below).
In spirit of Turaga Onewa, a custom leg design has been implemented to make the miner taller. The head has also been extended, as shown below.
Since there are no orange Matoran feet, I stuck with Hewkii's burnt orange pair. The use of bunt orange on the legs and hands helps to discriminate between what is part of the miner's gear (orange parts) and what is a permanent part of him (burnt orange / tan parts).

The shoulder pieces have been turned on their sides at the torso to give the miner a more bulky, muscular build. This also allows the flashlight on the side of the mask to be attached (see below).

The backpack is built primarily from two Bohrok liftarms. Space within the backpack allows the gear-turner to be extended for continued use. The two connection points at the top are for storing the two tools not in use.

Shown above is the method of attachment for the flashlight. I felt the Ruru was an ironic yet appropriate mask to use for this reason, since its power is night-vision.
The flashlight does limit the gear function but not to an extreme degree.

Thanks for Viewing

Comments, likes, etc. are appreciated. These designs were intended to be simple while conveying a unique theme, and I hope you'll agree that I achieved this.

If you're looking to build a compact gearbox for your MOCs, I'd recommend my design, which you can find here.



Very interesting. I like their colors and builds!

Very unique designs, I really like the concept of the Brimstone Guard in particular.

These are very cool!

It's nice seeing old school matoran designs again.

The Po-Koro miner is the best out of the three imo.

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These are really nice.