Custom Mobile Attack Ship

Ive had this thing built for about half a year I recently changed the cockpit and decided to post it. Also its been a while since I’ve post a moc… huh

C&C is welcome and appreciated :slight_smile:


Dang this is really well done

Its really well put together, but the back section could us some work.

This looks so clean that at first glance I thought that this was a portion of some air conditioning unit

Cool, I like the clean look a lot.
It reminds me of General Grievous’s fighter

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The colour scheme is a bit bland to me. I’m guessing it was intentional though, right?

Chunky, I like it, could use some color though.

This was well executed. The clean textures really compliment the bulky design nicely.

This is really cool and reminds me of the halo spirit dropship.

Its great but it seems as if you took heavy inspiration from General Grievous’s Starfighter.
Besides that, I love how you had no studs showing at all, and how smooth that makes it look.

I looked at this, and my first thought was “Woah! That’s cool!” I have nothing to critique.

The sleekness is fantastic, but I don’t think this says “Star Wars” very well. Considering you put a rebel pilot in there, it feels too clean for the rebellion. The rebellion uses more clunkier ships like X-Wings and Y-Wings. While this is pretty slick and well-constructed, it doesn’t seem like something a rebel would drive.

Regardless, this is a fantastic MOC. No other complaints.

Cool, but it’s very Grievous’ Starfighter.

Yea this was meant for my sig fig but I couldn’t find him while I was taking photos


Oh, that fits better then.

Like others have said, it’s very reminiscent of Grievous’s Starfighter, and it looks really cool.

It’s very clean and streamlined, and the usage of the TECHNIC pieces for the blasters look great.

There’s not much that I can find wrong with this; it accomplishes exactly what it’s meant to and it looks great while doing it.