Dances of Artakha [Worldbuilding] [Pitch]

Our boards have grown silent from the lack of Brainstorm! Here’s something to wake everybody up!
What is this nonsense? Dances in bionicle? That is ridiculous! How would that even appear in the story?

Well, for once, we already have Artakhan sports, why not dances? Second, it’s a pitch, just coming up with different ideas, deal with it how you like. Third, hey, dances exist in our world, having them on Artakha will only make it feel more real and breathing!

Unitl some artist capable of drawing some different moves, this is just going to be text… Yeah, I know, boring, but unless you want stick figures showing rough moves, we’ll have to get without images.

So, what different dances could there be?


  • Nahoan Waterdancing
  • This is a form of dance that looks like waves of the sea. The two partners swing their hands in moves to imitate the waves, usually standing low. It can be slow or fast, depending on the music and even weather.
  • During a storm, for instance, there could be a quick, aggressive and loud version of the waterdancing be played and danced. On a sunny afternoon, there could be a slow and relaxing version.
  • The partners don’t move their legs very quickly, as they tipically dance on a shore if not in the water directly, thus making it difficult to quickly change the position of their legs.


  • Flaming March
  • An aggressive, quick and loud dance, can be danced by a male and female, but two males and two females aswell.
  • The dancers clap their hands on other parts of their body from time to time or loudly stamp on the ground. They wear shoes that make a loud sound when done so.
  • The dance can be seen as a fight to a stranger. The dancers throw fake punches and hand-slashes at each other, dodging the ‘attacks’.
  • From time to time, they can shoot fire out of their hands, if they are skilled enough.


  • Air Walking
  • A very quick dance where the dancers swiftly move around. It is filled with jumps, throws of the other dancer in the air, or using the elemental powers to fly to some degree.
  • Very, very skilled dancers can dance directly in the air, not even touching the ground, sometimes sevelar meters above the ground.
  • One record says that the most skilled pair to ever dance Air Walking did so between the floating island, hundreds of meters above the ground below.


  • Rock Bending
  • A hard and loud dance. It is danced alone with no partner.
  • The Dancer does not move his legs at all, only using the upper half of his body, appearing to be literally as hard as a rock.
  • There are aggressive punches to the belly, hands and legs, along with loud roars of the dancers. A bit similar to Maori dances.


  • Icyal
  • A slow and noble dance, very similar to old dances of Europe.
  • Danced in pairs, the partners are close to each other and move slowly while holding each other’s hands.


  • Tree Singing
  • A tribal dance similar to traditional Africal dances. Done among the music of drums, usually danced in a forest.
  • Involves lots of shaky and wavy moves with both the hands and legs, but is overall slow and relaxing.


Oh yes, I’ll add something to my Barraki and Mahri Nui pitch aswell!

  • Hahnah Walk

    • Named for a small species of crab that walk on the sea floor. It is very slow, danced underwater, outside the air domes. The partners make long and slow steps, waving their hands in rhythm of the sea and the ocean currents, looking a bit like sea-grass.
  • Is danced as a mean of relaxation, as you can’t hear almost anything underwater, for some time, you may even feel as being a part of the ocean.

  • Cordak Struggle

  • Aggressive and quick dance, a bit similar to the Mangaian Flaming March, but more primitive version of it.

  • Here, the dancers actually fight. If one dancer is not good enough, they get punched or slapped. The dance is filled with action and quick steps, lasting for a long time, until the dancers are completely exhausted.

  • Can be seen as a very attractive and flirtatious dance, often done by engaged pairs or as it can be seen as a form of date.

What do you think about this pitch? Good idea? Interesting one? You have your own suggestions? By all means, write them down! Thank you for reading this!