Dark Hunters in Brickonicle [Characters][Worldbuilding][Pitch][Semi-Canon]

The following is NOT canonized by the TTV. Anything listed serves as potential material for the TTV, if they ever want to use any of it. Anything they reject outright (assuming any of them read this) will be labeled Non-Canon.

The Dark Hunters have a place in TTV’s canon, although the membership within the group is unknown, at least for now. The following will list all canon Dark Hunters, as well as potential Dark Hunters. MOCs will be placed in the non-canon list for the sake of canon.

Anyone who views this thread is allowed to help flesh out the list.

Leader(s): Umarak the Shadowed One (unknown/proposed Tiroan, Kraahkan, Staff)

Lieutenant(s): Lariska (Nahoin, Calix, Twin Daggers), Sentrakh (Motari, Mahiki, Twin Swords), Zaktan the Mimic @Sanokal (Kanaean Piraka, n/a, Triple-Bladed Sword)
Members: Avak the Trigger @Sanokal (Motari Piraka, n/a, Jackhammer and Pickaxe), Hakann the Bully @Sanokal (Mangaian Piraka, n/a, Claw-Tipped Lava Launcher), Krekka (Tiroan, Kadin), Nidhiki (Kanaean, Volitak, Sickle), Reidak the Primal @Sanokal (Tiroan Piraka, n/a, Drillsaw), Thok the Ancient @Sanokal (Ihuan Piraka, n/a, Icepick), Vezok the Beast @Sanokal (Nahoin Piraka, n/a, Harpoonsaw)

##Non-Canon (MOCs)
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Servants: Poraku @JediTimeLord824


Vezon should be a free agent, like in my Federation of Fear pitch.

One thing that could be cool is that Umarak could have like a mask of reanimation, and his mask can resurrect fallen members of the Hunters, reanimating them into the Beasts, and the certain Beast pertaining to a corrupted element; like Lava, Storm, and Quake.


For now, Matorans’ masks don’t have any powers to them. That might change during or after Year 2, but not until it’s been confirmed by the TTV.

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Ah, okay. It’d still be cool, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Since Reanimation seems a bit too OP for a Matoran to have, maybe Umarak could have the Mask of Invisibility or Stealth (not necessarily the powers yet, but the mask designs). He could then upgrade to Kanohi Masks.

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True, true. But I feel are really iconic to Umarak…oh well.

I still maintain that Ahkmou should be connected in some way to the Dark Hunters.

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He could be a regular client?

Edit @JediTimeLord824: What if Umarak had the Mask of Shadows (design for now, actual power later)?


Huh. My original idea had been for Dekar to be a solo hunter. (TTV had alluded to the fact that there are other hunters besides the Dark Hunters, the DHs are just the most prevalent.) I think he’s be hunting down criminals out of a sense of justice, rather than for any reward.


Fair point. You wouldn’t happen to know any canon Dark Hunters, would you?

Edit: For some reason, someone put in Matoran Ideas that Dekar killed a family, so that’s where I got the Dark Hunter vibes from


My initial idea for dekar was that he would be one of those inquisitors who would hunt the people that have escaped working in the mines. Also, the idea was that pekka’s parents were one of those people but they put up too much of a fight when he caught them so he would basically kill them in his self defense. I never thought of him as being one of the main inquisitors because he would kill so many but because he would be the best at capturing them alive.


So, not a Dark Hunter?


not really. he would be working for the merchant kings of motara


Hehehehehehehehe. Awesome.

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Put this together the other day.

The Dark Hunters:
Picture efficiency, ruthlessness, value, and foundation. Imagine an organization with the skillset and power equal to the mightiest warriors, yet unbound by their so-called virtues.

My name is Umarak, but that name is a shapeless whisper now. A name is a point of focus, a point of weakness. While it does not do well for me to forget my past and the mistakes to learn from it, it does not serve well when representing the Dark Hunters.

In the vast swathes of the Motaran desert, the Dark Hunters make our base of operations. Those who whisper our name falsely believe us to be in service to the Bank; though not necessarily inaccurate depending on the circumstances, the Dark Hunters serve no-one but ourselves. We amass wealth and standing, carving out necessary place in this cruel land of ours. Without us, power would fluctuate between bandits and kings, and Motara would crumble. In seizing our opportunities, we Dark Hunters have become a cornerstone of Motaran civilisation, and soon, that of Artahka.

This tome is intended for the eyes of the Dark Hunters. Transparency and concealment each have their own benefits…for example, by the time you have finished this paragraph, where we have so graciously boasted of our scale and importance, the Dark Hunters will have found you.

Umarak, the Hunter, the Shadowed One (speech TBD)
This organisation started with me. I remember it well…serving in that foolish cult of Norik’s; the Brotherhood of Makuta. I was their Hunter of Shadows, tasked with tracking down those who tried to flee the cult and retrieving them for re-education and persuasion. Eventually of course, I had heard the words of so many escapees that I realized that they were correct; the Brotherhood of Makuta was an empty dream, a falsehood of desire, hoping for the future rather than guiding it (though recent events would suggest that their goals have become more successful).

With the knowledge of how my targets had escaped firmly tucked away, I disappeared into the wilderness of Motara. Tiro would have served just as well, but I knew that the Brotherhood would seek me out in my homeland, and so I abandoned it. From there I began to build; I continued with the task that I had been employed in for so long, but now I hunted down bandits and thieves. Of course, my exceptional skills meant that I would begin to rise in prominence, which was why I formed the Dark Hunters in the end; a shroud to conceal my tracks and expand my influence.

I now hold the power that Norik wishes he could, and the mastery of the applicable secrets of the Brotherhood. From our base I oversee the Dark Hunters; collecting requests and assigning them accordingly. Profit is accepted after successful completion; unwillingness to pay is met with swift persuasion. Lethal force would not do to rob us of future business, after all.

As a native of Tiro, my mighty strength and night vision serve me well in tracking and subduing my targets. My spear and my bow can both be used to project solid earth; trapping and weighing my foes down. However, my keenest tool is my mind, and the capacity to weigh the situation and track the benefits in addition to the potential outcomes. All this has served the Dark Hunters well.

The Piraka
Ah yes…the Piraka. An old term, a vulgar insult meaning “thief and murderer”. An ironic term for those who are intended to hunt down such beings, not that we are not…occasionally complicit.

The Piraka are the longest-serving of the Dark Hunters. I knew that escape would not be easy, so I released them from their prisons within the Brotherhood and took them with me. I admit that I intended to use them as a shroud, but a combination of foresight and persuasion convinced me to shape them into my weapons.

The Piraka were created by the Brotherhood as an attempt to create the Brotherhood’s own Toa; a status symbol to give them legitimacy among the people. Unfortunately for them, the experiments twisted the minds of the Matoran, and their strange powers proved to be very dangerous for the Brotherhood. They should have killed them – though I wonder if they could have – but instead they locked them away, perhaps hoping that they could someday be tamed, or perhaps out of sentiment on the part of the Rahkshi. Of course, now they serve as the best of the Dark Hunters, and the Brotherhood have since moved on, with the Rahkshi now serving as their symbols of power; a failure even more paramount than the Piraka.

The Piraka hide their visages behind monstrous masks, and their true names behind titles as I do. As their enhanced elemental powers largely function in combination, they are often deployed in pairs to seek out their targets, and they have each been fitted with dual-functioning weaponry to channel their enhanced abilities.

Hakann, the Bully (speaks in an even, almost friendly tone)
Ah, Hakann. Never one to let any of us forget the value of foresight and mistrust. Trust invites rebellion and advantage, which is precisely why each Dark Hunter is provided with a locked room with keys that only they believe to have (I of course, have the master set available). The Dark Hunters have liked to joke that you could not turn your back on Hakann, but I have found him to have little problem with cheerfully looking someone in the eye and stabbing someone in the back.

Perhaps it was in a sense of irony that he has become my primary enforcer when it comes to the business of payment. If a client unwisely decides that it is in their best interests to withhold their agreed payment, it is Hakann’s job to visit said client and persuade them otherwise. We usually pair him with Avak for this process, but if the client has wisely realized what a poor choice they have made, then Reidak or even myself (for very pressing and prominent deals) will accompany him in order to track down said client and allow Hakann to do his job.

I have had to teach Hakann his lesson multiple times in the past, and it is with both regret and satisfaction that I admit that he does not seem to have learned the intended lesson. I have noted that his frequent betrayals keep the other Dark Hunters on their toes.

As a Mangaian, Hakann has control over flame, though this is best exhibited when his powers are combined with another Piraka. On his own, Hakann can express his powers by blasting it through his eyes as beams of heat vision, and through melting stone in his lava launcher, which is tipped with a claw.

Vezok, the Beast (speaks in a gruff voice)
Vezok is potentially the deadliest fighter of the Piraka, or at least, he would be if he did not forget his tactical thoughts and erupt into rage at the slightest provocation. His calm, cool, efficient, though gruff, exterior belies the explosion waiting to happen that the Brotherhood stoked within him, which has caused him significant frustration. Subsequently, I am forced to withhold him from more delicate missions, and to often pair him with Thok when necessary.

Frustration has long been Vezok’s downfall. Growing up as a male in the largely female-dominated society of Naho, the failure of the Brotherhood’s experiments, his subsequent anger issues, the other Piraka…the list goes on and enters redundancy. Thankfully he is most skilled in large-scale efforts, if he can be reined in, and when he isn’t in a violent rage, he serves as an excellent tactical advisor.

Owing to the difficulty of optimizing Vezok, I have recently begun to use him as test for prospective Dark Hunters. If they can endure an encounter with him – both besting his skills when calm and his rage when not – then they might be worth employing based on their combat and temperament, and their usefulness in letting Vezok let off some steam.

His Nahoan heritage allows Vezok to breath underwater, and his harpoon and buzzsaw can launch water in different ways; high-pressure beams, and daggers of compressed water. In addition, he can project these beams from his eyes in a pinch to blast his foes down, or mimic projectiles.

Avak, the Trigger (speaks in an Australian accent)
In quite the irony to his past before becoming a Piraka, Avak has proven to be an extraordinarily useful asset. The jailer of the Dark Hunters, the only native of the region of Motara that serves as our base of operations…all of this would make him an ambitious individual with an extreme superiority complex were it not for his single-minded devotion to imprisoning as many lawbreakers as he can.

Avak came to the Brotherhood with ambition in mind; both to make his jailing job easier and with the intent to scheme his way into their inner circle. He certainly succeeded in a way, but at the cost of his perspective on both issues widening to the entire island. I would say that I fear that this desire would never be sated, but as his altered mind curbed – or perhaps I should say redirected – his ambitions, I am perfectly content for him to pursue his impossible dream for our benefit, and he to serve the purposes of the Dark Hunters.

Avak is particularly useful for capturing slippery targets and assisting in payment disputes, but he is almost most valuable when he is off-duty. His room reveals multitudes of designs for machines and buildings, and he was instrumental in designing our fortress, to say nothing of his skills in crafting equipment and weaponry.

Avak’s power over stone allows him to create stone prisons from scattered particles within seconds. His modified mask allows him to see x-ray vision and over long distances, which makes him an effective spotter for Reidak. His pickaxe and jackhammer are useful to provide particles for his prisons, and for his stonework.

To be adjusted, since I’m not sure which (if any, admittedly) Piraka correspond to which title.


I’ll be completely honest, I forgot I made this topic. I’m glad you found it again, cuz this could be interesting


It’s almost kind of trolly on my part; the cast have been begging for no more Piraka pitches in part because they’re part of the canon, and then out comes the story bible and I think, well…

EDIT: Decided, screw it, I’ll do the other Piraka and take a guess at which is which.

Reidak, the Primal (speaks in a gruff, yet resonating tone similar to Whenua)
One would think that assuming a Tiroan of any kind is unintelligent would be an error that is impossible to make. Sadly…or at least for those individuals, Reidak’s impatient and emotional nature belies a surprisingly cunning mind despite his preference for breaking objects and other individuals, one that was not at all dulled by his transformation into a Piraka.

Reidak is highly unusual in that he was rather attached to his homeland, despite their treatment of him. His cunning earned him a place in the great Apothecary, and his surprising skill with healing treatments had him sent to the Archive Maximus to work with the captured Rahi. It was there that the problems of his own nature set in; Reidak lacked the patience to work with a panicked animal, and soon became quite difficult to work with. The Brotherhood subsequently found him after he had a violent argument with an Archivist, which somehow demolished an entire room.

He attempted to return home after his escape, and I allowed him to do so. Unfortunately, his now monstrous appearance meant that he was even less welcome than before, and he destroyed a significant portion of the Archive before fleeing to Motara. I encountered him again as a target for a mission, and with promises of sympathy and emotional outlet, I convinced him to join the organization and had Hakann reassure our clients that Reidak had been dealt with and that we would only be demanding half our price. Reidak now largely carries out missions that require little subtlety when alone, and he’s subsequently rarely been paired with Vezok.

Reidak’s Tiroan strength is ever-present, yet enhanced by the Piraka experiments. His elemental power allows him to photosynthesize, recovering quickly from any unlikely defeats. His altered mask allows him to see in the infrared and thermal spectrums, making him an excellent tracker, particularly when paired with myself and/or Avak. His buzzsaw and drill can disrupt the molecules of the soil that it strikes, putting his opponents off-balance.

Thok, the Ancient (speaks in an even British accent, could potentially be female if demanded methinks)
The curse of irony regarding the Piraka’s elemental powers has never been so strong as it is with Thok. Thok is antisocial, brilliant, and arrogant all at once, which make for an unusual combination that can sometimes prove almost – though not quite – as troublesome as Hakann. However, when only paired with a single Piraka, Thok’s attempts to cause friction are severely blunted; particularly if the Piraka in question would rather simply throttle Thok and get back to the mission.

On the other hand, if Thok views a partner as an asset, then it is quite likely that their mission will be rather successful, albeit with a high chance of injury on the part of the partner. Though certainly not an able tracker, Thok’s abilities and combat skills make for an excellent warrior who is adept at controlling the flow of battle by manipulating the opponent’s emotions.

Despite an ancient heritage, political betrayals meant that Thok was formerly a serf in Ihu, and leapt at the chance when the Brotherhood came knocking, dreaming for a more fulfilling life. It certainly came to pass, though not in a way Thok expected. I do my best to keep Thok active, and to keep the fortress cool to make the heat of Motara more bearable; it would be most inefficient otherwise.

Thok’s elemental powers are some of the strongest while alone, which does not lend well to his mindset. His ice weapon can freeze his foes solid, and the attached pick is both useful in melee combat and climbing. He can concentrate cold air in a specific area in his line of sight, disorienting a target, and he can give life to ice, though the Motaran desert can make his use of his powers difficult. As an Ihuan, he is naturally resistant to extreme cold, but unfortunately weakened by heat.

Zaktan, the Mimic (speaks in a multitude of voices)
Zaktan is possibly the most prominent of the Brotherhod’s failures in attempting to create the Piraka. Prior to his alteration, Zaktan was a rather jealous individual, yes, but ultimately well-meaning. His extensive alteration and subsequent loss of identity has shaped him into a fearsome leader and hunter with a terrible hatred for the Brotherhood and any mention of the legends of the Toa.

It is hard to classify Zaktan, to say the least. He remains loyal to the Dark Hunters, given that he sees them as the perfect means to the end in opposing the Brotherhood. He has contempt for honour and trust, and a sense of sadism that can prove difficult during business discussions, yet at the same time make him excellent when it comes to anticipating the movements of a potential target. His ruthlessness and commitment to hunting down his targets is astonishing; he even arranged to be sent to the Bank’s mines in order to extract a Matoran who had withheld some rather vital information that our clients wanted, an experience that only fuelled his hatred of the world.

In the rare occasions that all six Piraka are forced to work together, Zaktan serves as either their leader or my lieutenant depending on my availability and our prominence at the time. Much like me, he has little patience for those with their own agendas, and he proves a useful outlet for siphoning or focusing the emotion of his teammates. Thankfully it seems that he has not let his authority go to his head…for now.

Zaktan’s unnatural abilities derive from the wind. He can naturally fly, and project gusts of razor wind from his eyes and his three-bladed sword, tipped with a clawed pommel. The bonds between his cells were weakened by the experiments conducted on him, allowing him to alter his form either for disguise or combat.


I think Reidak is my favorite (Tiroan pride!)

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Heh. That came about as a result of me trying to allude to his G1 backstory.

EDIT: Got bored and made these while I was building the Gukko for the Rahi thread. Two Rahkshi and seven Dark Hunters.