Darkseid v2

So I listend to you guys. I hope I did well on revamping my moc. I present you my 2 version of Darkseid. I changed somethings as you will see in these pictures. If you have any feedback please dont hesitate, leave your constructive criticism, for example you could have done that better or that. But not by leaving in the comments below, your moc sucks. With that I cant work with.

As you all have noticed, I am inspired by the youtuber play stippling with his moc Stipahlu, some credis go to him ofcourse… I did some changes with the moc, by how his build, the chest which is covert by Onua 2015 Chestplate, and back which you can see in this pictures. Sorry again that I didnt told you guys that I was inspired by this youtubers moc. Play Stippling: Stipahlu The Builder. Promise I wont make the same mistakes again.

Thank you all. Have a nice day, peace :))

Man he looks menacing

I changed his head, its smalller then the original one.

His back does look messi but I think its okay…

Man he looks so gorgeous :))), Nice pose

Looks like his beating my other mocs, and his like, he doesnt care. :))

Hasta la vista Baby. Changed hes “claws” too.

Im a ninja… His poseability is good, I can pose him every way I like and want


Great moc!
But why do you keep spelling his wrong?

Anyway the colors ar still a bit all over the place. Mabye some more black could help?

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I quite like him now, except that his neck is too long. Great work overall!

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A definite improvement over the previous version. He has a nice imposing look to him, however the blue on the legs stand out a bit too much

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On further review, I’ve noticed this is mostly a copy of Stipahlu from Play Stippling…

Not saying that’s a bad thing, but you really ought to give credit if you use portions of another person’s MOC. The differences aren’t enough to make it your own idea.

My only critique would be to try and make him more original. It’s okay to borrow other people’s builds, but it really helps to try and branch out on your own if you want to improve!

I’d also maybe change his name too, it already belongs to a very recognized character.


Definetly an improvement. I don;t really have complains for this moc. Great job, dude!

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@BioKnight Thats purple, and I added that because I wanted to match the other purple on him.

@PakariNation99 Well its not all the desing by stipling I did somethings on the chest, and back which you cant really see, but well I forgot to give him, credit. great builder actualy respect the dude. hope he aint mad.

@Toa_Vladin Thank you very much sir !

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You welcome.

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Looks a lot nicer, especially that improvement for the head. Other than the back, which you previously pointed out yourself, it’s really pretty good.

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Can anyone here help me with figuring out the what is needed for stipahlu

I’m not exactly sure what you mean.

A parts list, instructions if possible

Couldn’t find either of those, but you can take a closer look at specific parts of the moc (and possibly reverse engineer them) in this video

Hi, I currently am working on this myself. I just recently deleted my parts list for Stipahlu and Frennak on bricklink, but I could provide the parts I think are needed as well as Building instructions after all parts arrive. Currently waiting on one order from Lithuania and three more from my home country/the neighbouring country which is 400 meters from my door :smiley:

This could be a good Marendar.

Sure that’d be helpful. That’d be appreciated.

Well, this is version 2. My latest version of this MOC is this one. Primordial Zydus

A significant and vast improvement from this one, where everything is about 100% my own building techniques.

How’s it going for the parts list/possible instructions going?

My shipments from Germany and Switzerland have arrived, I am currently waiting on the last ■■■■■■■■ of parts from Lithuania with an estimated delivery time between 3 and 7 weeks. (also, I made slight modifications to the hammer regarding the half bushings and the way the hammer part is connected)