Death Note

I noticed that there isn’t a Death Note topic. And that’s just sacraliage.

Discuss everything about Death Note here, or I’ll be adding some names to mine.

This anime is one of my favorite shows ever made. I recomend that everyone on Earth watch it.


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just moved it! :slight_smile:

i watched the dub of DN and there were so many ninjago voice actors
it’s was so strange


You already know I love this show Toa, but I’ll tell everyone else. Death Note is one of my favorite anime, it’s unique, intelligent, and serious. Something that more anime should try.


Never seen it, but it looks pretty good. I may get around to it eventually.

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I guess I will start watching it soon.

Love it! That’s all

Finally a Death Note topic! This is close to the top for my favorite anime series. It’s so good :blush:

if anyone here hasn’t seen it, but feels like watching something, watch Death Note


The manga and the anime known as Death Note are genius pieces of work.
I wholeheartedly agree that it is one of the best bits of Japanese culture out there…
Next to One Punch Man.



I enjoy One Punch Man a lot, but when it comes down to it, I think the best kind of show is one that tries to make you think. In the end I think Death Note achieves that better than OPM. Not to say it’s bad at all.


I want to watch it.

Anyone know where I can watch the anime version? Is it on the Crunchyroll website, because the app I have only has the live action version (and that’s no good…).

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Netflix or justdubs. Both work fine. The latter has ads, but it’s free.


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Oh, okay, I forgot Netfilx has anime! :smile:

Thanks, man!

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Wait! Read the manga! Please someone! It’s really good…


It’s on Hulu too.


Fourth Japanese Death Note Movie is coming out :3

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I’ve never cared about the movie adaptations. I just don’t see a point when Death Note is already so good.

I think the movies have a certain charm to them, however admittedly the anime series is the one i enjoy more.

I believe the live action movies are mostly a way of continuing the story while appealing to the largest amounts of the population at a time. Its also a way of re-telling the story and potentially helping people who have never heard of Death Note to become invested.

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